Do you have a story to tell?

By Chriss | Miscellaneous articles | 6 Jun 2023

Hello everyone!

Are you ready to enter the world of tomorrow?

A world where sharing information, exchanging knowledge and personal experience will no longer be subject to censorship or any other form of restriction imposed by this or that site.

Welcome to the future! A Future of all things possible, thanks to Web3 and its Decentralized Social Media.

Without exception, you all have different life paths, which makes you unique. And that makes each of us an inexhaustible mine of knowledge. So why not expose them to as many people as possible?

The very foundation of humanity lies in its ability to pass on knowledge without limits or restrictions. Long ago, this was done by voice, then by books, and now it’s thanks to Floyx and Web3 technologies.


There are, however, a few rules to observe:

  • No censorship doesn’t mean you can post everything and its opposite.
  • Just as in your private life you are respectful of those around you, on the Internet it’s the same.
  • Remain polite, courteous and, above all, do not harm others.
  • All published content is relevant, so please respect the author’s point of view. It’s undeniable that we all have a different opinion on this or that thing/idea/concept… Every opinion must be respected.
  • Use simple language, accessible to all. Remember that those who are going to read you may be just starting out in the world you’re presenting, so don’t hesitate to use simple terms (avoid technical jargon).
  • It goes without saying that it’s essential to write with care, to avoid spelling mistakes as far as possible (no one is infallible) and to avoid colloquial language.


Web 1.0 has enabled us to discover the world, far beyond the boundaries we thought possible. Web 2.0 ‘forced’ us to cut ourselves off from this world, to focus solely on ourselves. Web 3.0 shatters the barriers holding back your creativity and your insatiable appetite for discovery.

Do you have a story to tell? Knowledge to share? …Floyx is YOUR gateway to this new form of information sharing.


With 8 billion people on the planet (including 4.9 billion Internet users), there’s bound to be someone who’ll be receptive to your content. Sharing knowledge should be a pleasure, a shared pleasure for everyone.


Join us now on Floyx, and on Telegram for even more info and advice.

We look forward to reading from you soon.

Thanks to Christophe WILHELM for preparing the text for publication.

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Miscellaneous articles

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