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Dine Together NFTs (New crypto Game!)

Today I will talk about this NFT game that I am so excited about. The Beta launch of the game will end soon, today on the 26th or tomorrow on the 27th of December. At least that is expected, as reported by the game's developers through their official Discord channel. I am going to focus on delving into all the information related to the NFTs that can be bought, sold, or obtained... In Dine Together. By the way, this game is built on the FAC (Factory Chain) network, the same one where you can find Plants vs Undead, Bomb Crypto, and Kube Bird. Among these 4, I chose Dine Together because it reminds me a bit of Habbo Hotel, and I like to cook.... The game offers the possibility of cooking dishes, and decorating our restaurant as we choose. Total Play to Earn, with somewhat Old School graphics, but it promises fun. You must cook, and attract public.

Dine together... but as a crypto game! (read more)

First of all, it is necessary to mention that, in this NFT game, the same NFTs can be obtained in different ways through its official website or within the game (at the moment there is only one .apk);

-Buying the initial offer, using FUSD on its official website.

-Buying on the Marketplace, using DINE on its official website.

-Combining NFT cards in the "Altar, on its official website.

-Using TIPs received by your plate(s), within the game.

The offering, on the official webiste.

The initial offer was inaugurated at the beginning of this December 2021, and it is not known exactly when it will end, but it is believed that it will last until the beginning of the first quarter of the year 2022.

Let the GAME begin.

As you can see in the screenshot I made, there is already prior planning by the game developers. In fact, in my personal opinion, the only thing worth buying from the initial offer is the land (at 100 FUSD). Rushing the 240 FUSD pack, but it's a good investment... I personally opted for the next option, the Marketplace, which in my opinion is the best option to get Dine together NFTs. I will explain it below, how it works and what to take into account.

On the Marketplace, NFTs are bought or sold between players. Some FAC cryptocurrency is needed for buying and/or selling commissions; with only 3 or 4 FAC we will have enough to make transactions during the short-medium term. And you will also need DINE, the cryptocurrency with which you can buy chefs, land, furniture, and single cards. You will wonder what these categories mean, now I will explain it to you;

-Chefs; these are subdivided into rarities (Trainers, Junior Chefs, Head Chefs, and Master Chefs). the higher the rarity, the more dishes your NFT chef can cook; If you are an apprentice you can only cook one dish, if you are a Junior chef you can cook two dishes, if you are a Chef three, and if you are a Master chef four. Keep in mind that the chefs provide tips (TIPs), and can cook very varied dishes; hamburger, salad, pizza, hotpot, etc. NFT chefs can be "Disbanded", at the end of their "Duration". This will happen in the "Altar", where you can also "Fuse" NFT cards (minimum 10, in the case of NFT chefs) to create NFT chefs or furniture (minimum 8). You can only have five NFt chefs in a single restaurant.

So many chefs...

-Furniture; they are objects that can also be of different rarities. Common, rare, epic, and legendary; these are the rarities within the furniture. The furniture that can be bought in the NFT game, spending TIP, does not have any associated theme, as if the furniture that is bought and/or sold in the Marketplace does. The furniture belonging to the packs of the initial offer also have an associated theme, which will earn us more TIPs since they will improve the aesthetics of our restaurant. That will be through the bonus in beauty (for example if the land is from El Dorado, and the furniture from El Dorado) that is variable according to the NFT in question. That is, the beauty bonus will only be applied to lands with the same theme as the NFT we want to use. Therefore, it will be necessary to place NFT furniture on lands with the same theme, if we do not miss the bonus. Within the furniture, we find different categories; chairs, tables, doors, decoration ("floor", or "wall"), kitchen, and service. Every time a customer enters our premises or restaurant where we have our NFT/S, it will subtract 1 from "Duration" to each of the NFTs that are placed. NFT furniture can be "Dissolved", at the end of its "Duration". That will happen in the "Altar", where you can also "Fuse" NFT cards (minimum 8) to create chefs or NFT furniture.

A lot of furnitures...

·The NFTs in the "Kitchen" category are basically stoves, necessary for our NFT chef to cook and serve dishes. Serve more dishes, AND earn more tips!

·The NFTs in the "Service" category are service tables to accumulate dishes that our NFT chef(s) will prepare. You will generate more TIPs per minute if you don't let the dishes get cold!

-Cards; these NFTs are the result of "exhausting" our chef NFTs, or our cabinet NFTs, as they have an associated duration... Chef cards can be fused to spawn a Chef NFT, and Furniture cards can be fused to spawn an NFT Furniture. This process is necessary if you have no playable NFT left, and want to generate more from the NFT cards you are given. Another option is to sell the cards in the Marketplace... And buy back chefs and furniture to continue playing. It is seen that it is possible, although very rare and infrequent, that you get an NFT card from another Factory Chain game. It is also possible that you will get a "floor" or "wall" NFT card, that is, to decorate. These NFT cards are very rare and command a good price on the market.

A lot of cards...

·Merge your NFT cards on the "Altar". The NFT cards received will be from "Chef", if you dissolve an NFT chef, or vice versa (if you dissolve an NFT furniture you will surely receive NFT furniture cards...). "Dissolving" an NFT chef will earn 10 NFT cards, and "Dissolving" an NFT Cabinet will earn 8 NFT cards.

[More information on Dine Together NFT cards]: https://docs.dinetogether.io/gameplay/card

-Land; they are themed (Asgard, Olympus, Shangri-la, El Dorado, and Camelot).

An active land!

-Link to the official website of Dine Together;


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