What can be unhappiness?

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 26 Mar 2022

What question, right? Many times we question what happiness is, there are many opinions and theories, as many as people who reflect on it. Perhaps everyone has their own answer or unique idea based on their own experience.

Who has not ever felt such a feeling? Feel something more than sadness, deeper than discouragement, feel unhappy even for a moment.

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And we greet people we meet with a smile and "how are you?" and we only know how to say "fine, thank you". What else if not? No one is really interested in you telling them about your life or how you feel. We respond in a socially automatic way, say hello and move on.

But how are we? what is unhappiness then? >It is a feeling of anguish in the stomach, of suffocation in the throat, of pressure in the heart. It is an anxiety that crushes, a nervousness that wears you down, an apathy that leaves you powerless. A void that is not filled with anything...

Because you say to yourself, and they tell you that... "why? If you have many things to rejoice and be thankful for". That's true. But beyond things, there is us, our supposedly happy surroundings seem to flood us with an unbreathable dense air and each frustration, each disappointment accumulates in our soul.

And before all the pain of our experiences heals, another appears, another obstacle, another challenge that puts us in front of the mirror and we tell ourselves that we are strong and we can handle everything. It seems that we can, but each fight, no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem to others, leaves their wounds open, and there they continue... when you think you can turn the page, you discover that those wounds have not closed, time heals everything, but not so you haven't even had that time, and they're still raw. You realize that you didn't feel as good as you thought, not yet.

Unhappiness can make you sick. Bitterness spreads inside even when you don't realize it, it seems like a silent cancer that we don't know exists but that settles in us, and we live with it.
I wonder how many diagnosed sick people have felt unhappy before. Maybe some kind of sociological study could be done, or maybe there already is, or maybe it can't be done because, honestly, people don't know that they are really unhappy. Other people think they are not and lie to themselves, and those who fail to fool themselves, ignore or deny, will never admit it, hide their feelings and go forward, with one of those fake smiles we find on the street.

Why? Because it doesn't look good to say it, because they say you have to be positive, but what does positivity or maintaining a certain attitude have to do with what the soul feels inside? Because the soul warns us that something is not right, that it is alone or empty, that it is lost and cannot find its place, its mission, its meaning... That there are no answers outside, outside, nor inside. That the days go by and nothing changes, and when you think it changes, it doesn't either, it's just that for a while you thought you had left all those sensations behind.

But at the slightest, a new disappointment, and your sensitive body shudders again, how does anything affect so much? Because the road has been hard, and it has been long, and your body and soul ache.

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And you know that all that accumulation of emotions and thoughts will pass, they will pass as soon as you see that spark that life sometimes offers us, when things return to a certain order, when you can finally rest and recover. It will come, just patience is not easy to maintain everyday.
So you can also be positive, within that dark aura of unhappiness, and you can also talk about it, without it having to be something almost taboo. What better way to unload part of that vital weight than to express what we feel, release everything into the air and without letting it explode inside us?

Because inside it weighs, it accumulates, it encysts, it spreads, it rots... the body knows it. You notice it, you feel bad and everything spins endlessly, without being able to get out of that circle of vital anxiety.

And what is unhappiness? I don't know, everyone will have their own concept, defining abstract concepts is sometimes not easy, everyone resorts to their referent and their referent is usually their own existence and knowledge. And based on what he lived and felt, he tries to explain and express himself.

  • It can be a passing emotion, a deep hidden feeling, a heavy frustration, a hurtful disillusionment, an important loss or a loss of direction, a sudden change of ideas, of the world, of life.

  • It can be a bad day, a job you hate, a family you argue with, friends who are not so friendly, obligations that make you bitter, a life that depresses you.

  • It can be an unexpected cold attitude, a disheartening disappointment, devastating news, a feeling of defeat, a sense of weakness, powerlessness, or injustice.

  • It can be a bitter memory, a difficult conflict, a big problem, a long-awaited call that never comes, a cruel comment, it can be writing a post with lots of smiley icons while you type through tears.

Maybe we just need more time to heal or to find answers, or a warm hug, hearing a sincere "everything will be fine", good news, motivating hope, an exciting surprise... or maybe we just need to say it from the rooftops, without leaving things unturned, expressing ourselves honestly using our words, and write without think a few lines, a post, like this one.

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