More oleanders and bluebells under the sun

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 30 Jun 2022

More oleanders, more pink oleanders not on trees but on large bushes, but I stop to discover among those beautiful flowers, others purple, are bluebells. What a nice combination!

Many times I show photos of the beach, that blue horizon, that strip of sea and another of sand... evocative images that transport us to that place, take us far away and approach us with new sensations. But this time I just wanted to show what's on the other side, before we get there.

And before arriving we come across a paradisiacal panorama, I think there is nothing better than large clusters of colorful flowers welcoming us to this pleasant environment, which always inspires me so much. Under a radiant light, the sun emphasizes the chromatism, that vibration of colors that feed our gaze.

Today I focus on the antechamber, I take away the prominence from the blue of the sea to give it to the green of the plants or rather in this case, to the pink and purple of the flowers. I feel like I'm traveling in time or rather in space to a tropical setting... isn't paradise something like that?

That seems to me. I see people just passing by, quickly, without looking, many just look at their mobile phones, how is that possible? I wanted to get to the beach, I was also going at a good pace, direct, I didn't think about making any stops. And suddenly I come across a multicolored vertical garden, with many pink oleanders that I am used to, but that always amaze me, I love them, possibly it is the flower and the color with which I would identify summer here. The perfect natural frame that frames the blue sky and the bright sea.

Today I stopped when I saw those purple bluebells larger than usual that kept those familiar pink oleanders company, or maybe it was the other way around, those oleanders accompanied and enhanced the beautiful bluebells that this time took center stage.

People don't realize how important it can be to enjoy such an inspiring, and I would say, healthy environment. Imagine what all those places would be like if the plants, flowers and trees disappeared, just gray asphalt… It would mean sadness, ugliness and poverty. Poverty of the senses and our sensations.

But it is possible that no one will notice as long as they continue to be and decorate fantastically our outer world, they may only stop if all those flowers were suddenly gone. They would only miss the beauty if it disappeared... I decided to stop, take a closer look and give thanks for being able to enjoy such an exciting, beautiful and rewarding natural view.

I love nature, I love the sea, the clear sky and the sun, I love the palm trees that dot the promenade and all those lovely colored flowers that make you fall in love as you pass by. Whatever they are, or be these wonderful pink oleanders and purple bluebells. And I say once again, what a beautiful combination! Right?

Thanks for reading! Have a colorful and amazing day.




The text is mine and the photos too ©Duvinca 

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