Life Among Pink Oleanders­čîŞ

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 16 Sep 2023

Hello everyone!

Now that the trend seems to be the black mode, the color becomes more important, its vibration and how it feeds our gaze. Because color is life, and it is full of meaning and nature gives us an infinity of samples, varieties and shades that we can enjoy.

And pink is also trendy nowadays, so today I choose pink from the entire palette, possibly a color that says a lot to me, and why not see life in pink?

That is how we see it sometimes, more beautiful than ever if possible, and there is no need to wish for anything strange, just take a walk and look around, there in front of our eyes nature has left us a charming gift that makes us fall in love.

We fall in love because we like flowers and the color pink, it sounds romantic or maybe corny, but it's pretty, right?

So we see rows of small trees awash in exploding pink flowers, oleanders in ecstasy that try to get our attention and succeed...­čîŞ

Because there is harmony, with the whole environment, with the intense green that accompanies them and with that brilliant blue that remains in the background of such a wonderful image.

Because every image is shocking. Everything oozes life and joy.
Maybe what we need is that, breathe a little outside and under a beautiful light let ourselves be carried away looking at each pink treetop, each time we pass it is more pink. We approach and stand below, as if the garden were framed. What a wonderful natural setting.

A frame to focus the camera, to delight us with the contrasts of tones and that special luminosity, there is no better place.

We want more pink, in the trees, in our surroundings and also in our lives.┬áLet's see life with rose-colored glasses and full of flowers, and that it is not a dream, but just a beautiful and inspiring walk taking some photos.­čĺľ


Thanks for reading! Have a lovely pinky day.


The text is mine and the photo too, by┬á┬ęDuvinca
I have also published some time ago a very similar but shorted version of this article on Hive (Ecency)

The photo has been taken with my Samsung mobile.


I'M ALSO HERE: Ecency(Hive) / Twitter




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The world, the life & me
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