It's Spritz time!

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 16 Jul 2023

There is always a right time to enjoy a special drink, and on a sunny weekend it can be great. Sitting on a terrace on a walk with many people, a lot of life, and asking for something good that also evokes many things. It's Spritz time!

Image source (Unsplash.com by Jannis Lucas)

A refreshing drink that is very fashionable in many places, more and more, and that also has a lot of meaning for some people. For me it's special, I could say that it is my favorite cocktail, although there are others that are more popular and well-known, but as I say, also the memories, celebrations and special moments in which we have toasted, give it a special touch, in addition to its special touch on the flavor itself.

And its intense orange color. That was the first thing I asked myself, when in a mythical square I saw many young people standing with their glass, many plastic, others in glasses, drinking that orange liquid. Many many years years ago I didn't know what it was. Memories.

So I asked, and ordered one. A strange sensation, I did not know how to define its flavor, I think that to this day I still do not know. Whoever has tried it may feel the same or perhaps knows how to give that flavor a name or adjectives, between sour and bitter and sweet, refreshing and with a very subtle touch of bubbles. And if they put their slice of orange, better. A black straw and chin chin, cheers or salute!

What's the Aperol Spritz? Only three ingredients: sparkling water, prosecco wine or cava, and of course Aperol. An Italian low-alcohol content drink that has managed to carve out a place for itself and consolidate its brand in more and more markets. Although you can also make Campari Spritz, a more well-known drink in general, this way it will be redder and more intense, and at the moment this combination is less known and popular, outside of Italian territory at least. I haven't seen it around here, nor in other places, maybe over time.

Image source (Unsplash.com by Gabriella Clare Marino)

Even so, when I go to a bar or venue and see a poster, a big light logo or a bottle of Aperol somewhere, I always look, I smile if it is a good time to order one and I am happy to see that it is increasingly present outside of Italy as well.


This Italian drink is the quintessential appetizer in that beautiful country from which it has crossed borders. It goes without saying that it is very easy to find and enjoy it in countries like Austria, Germany or France. I imagine that the Aperol marketing department has done a very good job, because in addition to finding it more and more in many countries, cities and bars: "happy hour!"

It is not only the aperitif before going to eat on a terrace under the sun, or after eating, or at night in a square full of friends, but also of course for that magical hour of happy hour. That moment when we leave the day behind, we want to leave all obligations aside and get together to share a good and fun conversation with more people and to toast together with some spritz with something delicious to eat for free. Then later we'll see what happens... Cheers!

Image source (Unsplash.com by alevision.co)

I have lived great moments, with many people, having a spritz, in so many different places, venues, places or countries. When I see some advertising or even now they sell the kit in large hypermarkets, when I remember that years ago I went to specialized beverage stores in other countries or brought bottles of Aperol stuck in my boots in my suitcase. Now it's easy to do it in your own home, although it doesn't seem the same to me, just drinking, it's not the same feeling. I think that everything that surrounds that moment it's missing, being able to toast something, with someone, somewhere and at a time that we truly enjoy life. Spritz love!


Thanks for reading! Have a nice and very refreshing day.


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