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By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 7 Feb 2023

It's cold, these days even colder, it seems that the real winter has arrived, and here other desires, desires and dishes appear. Hot meal.

Because "hot good food", means "comfort good", and it is truly good, healthy and classic foods that often remind us of moments in the past, because they do not change or perhaps they do, but they maintain a special essence, an unforgettable aroma... from home, and also in some cases those tasty recipes comfort our bodies, as well as our souls, memories and beautiful moments with our loved ones.

And as I was saying, these are cold days and it seems that we are not always going to eat salad, right? Although we still like it and we enjoy it, but now we have to take the opportunity to return to those dishes that we call "of spoon" around here, because they are nutritious, simple and warm.


One of them is a classic in Spain, and more so in the north, in a region called Asturias. It is the Fabadathe Asturian Fabada. A star dish, humble, that is even sold in cans but much better to make it at home.
Although recently, in December I was able to eat it when I went to the north, to the neighboring region, to Cantabria, they also eat a lot of legumes there and I decided to try it. The thing that caught my attention is that it was not only the typical recipe of white beans, very simple, but that it had something added, something green, it was from the green cabbage family, a local vegetable but it could well be kale. An added ingredient that does not alter its flavor, but does add color and some extra nutrients, and that innovation made me want to try.

So we have eaten Fabada, also in the Mediterranean. And it's easy to do if you have white beans, always white. You can leave them to soak and cook them, or buy the typical jars already cooked and then you only have to rinse them with water and prepare that kind of stew.

With white beans, chorizo (or in your case some other flavored sausage, black pudding or bacon...), some potato if you like, paprika, a little extra virgin olive oil and salt, and water of course. Everything in the pot. And in this case, chopped kale too. What comes up…

Heat, smell and flavor in a good dish. That it can be done in a more exhaustive way, as they really do in the area, or simply the quick but also delicious version, because simple and quick does not have to become unhealthy food. And we can also be creative or copy the ideas of others, like the one I discovered on my trip, add kale, to give it a green contrast and more vitamins, to a dish that we fancy on cold winter days like these.

So let's enjoy the good hot food of a lifetime. Also at home, and especially now. Eat well, savor it and don't get cold. Oh! And if it's too hot, and it fogs up to the camera, just blow a little!

Thanks for reading! Have a warm and delicious day.


The text is mine and the photos too ©Duvinca

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