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By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 23 Jun 2021

Hello everybody!

We can see there are always some opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies for free, watching videos, taking quizzes, with referrals or with other kind of airdrops, etc. Since today June 23rd until July 1st there is a new campaign on Coinmarketcap Earn, where you can earn some tokens just while you are learning about them. Only by watching some short videos and taking later a quiz you can get the chance.

This time if we are lucky we can earn 1 Key token called MOMO Key.


This new project called MOBOX has to do with Gaming NFTs, which are very popular right now. The NFTs on the MOBOX platform are called MOMOs. They are gained through blind boxes and the basis for GameFi: Free to Play, Play to Earn. MOMO NFTs can be traded, used to farm MBOX tokens and at the same time used throughout all MBOX platform games.


What should you do?

First, watch the 5 videos (it takes only 1 minute each one). Well the last one it isn't a video it's more some extra information... but keep in mind you have to watch them always if you want to earn the reward. 

Later, we take the quiz BUT don't forget:

  • To put the same email address that you used for singing in Coinmarketcap.
  • To put the Binance ID, probably you know where to find this number IDBinance
  • Remember you are going to put also your Binance Smart Chain address (for example from Metamask).
  • And click!: "I'm not a robot" (at the beginning and at the end).

And the answers? Please take time to read all the questions, just in case...

1) 1,000,000,000

2) 3

3) GameFi

4) Combining cross chain and cross platform functionality for NFTs

5) Binance Smart Chain

6) MOMOs


Once this campaign is concluded, the winners will be selected and they will receive an email.

And finally there is an extra surprise:


So get started and be lucky!




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