Netbox Browser - Browse The Web And Get Rewarded!, The First Decentralized Browser!

Netbox Browser - Decentralized and Rewarding


What Is Netbox Browser?

The first decentralized browser is here and named Netbox Browser, It's not only decentralized but rewarding to!. You'll get rewarded for browsing the web in Netbox coins (NBX) the native token of the Netbox. The Netbox browser is a part of the Netbox chain, their blockchain and each browser is a node in the network and are needed to confirm new blocks. Every node (browser) works with the PoS mechanism to verify new blocks to make this happen every node (browser) assigns NBX tokens the more assigned tokens the better reward.  As you may have figured out by now the reward is in Netbox coins.


The Browser, Rewards and Wallet explained

The Netbox browser is not created by any big cooperation or not connected to one either. There is no government standing behind this project nor supporting it. This is the peoples browser, your data is your data and every change made with the browser is decided by the community. The browser is a work of decentralization as the infrastructure is transparent and no information is stored on any central servers. Well now you may get how this browser works and how the decentralization around it.

The wallet for the Netbox coins you eared is integrated in the browser and just a click away with the fast button to it in the browser. The Netbox wallet have the usual features like send/receive but this wallet comes with more options like staking, lottery and a bridge. The staking feature has around 21% ARP for now and in the lottery can you buy a ticket for 15 Netbox coins to be grated to participate in a daily lottery and a jackpot lottery. To read more about the lottery click here. The Bridge is made for you to be able to bridge your NBX to other blockchains, because Netbox has it's own blockchain and is not on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) or ETH blockchain lite many other projects. The bridge are able to bridge NBX to BSC and ETH blockhain as a wrapped version and the name of the token on BSC is NBXB and on ETH Blockchain NBXE. The NBX tokens has even more benefits to utilize thanks to the bridge.


Netbox Pay And Netbox Drive

This two features is yet to come and are under development. Netbox Pay is a payment solution their you can get your own plastic card connected to your integrated wallet in the browser and you are also able to on the internet with the plastic card information which the wallet can store for you after first purchase online.

Netbox Drive is a cloud service you can store information on, everything from photos, videos to excel-documents. The new thing with this cloud is that your stored data is not on any server or have any connection to a centralized storage. This is a service will be available thru masternodes, the masternodes can rent out storage space. The Netbox drive users needs to pay the masternodes with Netbox coins to be eligible to use this service. This technique is called distributed storage of user files and is a decentralized file storage service with high security and no one can access your stored information at Netbox drive except you.


Netbox Store (dApps) And Netbox Games

Netbox store is feature there you find a dApp catalog there you'll find different dApps made for Netbox blockchain. To get a special dApp from the catalog to run you need to download a add-on to get the dApp to integrate with the blockchain. This is a section there developers can upload their dApp for the whole audience to see. This is a place for people to enjoy new and freach dApps with a ranking system. The Netbox trust tool is another feature for the people using dApps to rate the dApps, the system is made for the audience to fast spot scams or malicious dApps. The trust system is a security feature as well as a feature to go after to see which dApps have the highest ratings, a good tool for the users. 

Netbox Games is a place for game lovers and developers, in this section will you find games intrigued with the Netbox blockchain. To make games work with a blockchain features many more options. You can as a developer take payments in the tokens of that blockchain even when it comes to in-game purchases. Users of the game can get rewarded in more tokens for a challenge completed or placing in the top 10 of a tournament. This is just examples and the choices are endless.


Final words

As you see Netbox have many features and many more to come, I've just started to use the browser and for me it's working fine. A feature i miss from using Brave everyday is a build-in ad-blocker which doesn't exist. Some reports exists that the browser injects ychrome_watcher.dll and a key-logger. I have little information on that matter if it's true it would be awful because Netbox promote that no data is stored. If it's false this browser could be one of the best decentralized with rewards, just the way I want it. The browser's features is their own developed features for it and makes a big package of many decentralized features. I find the project serious and worthwhile.

They have a open and well written white paper, click here to read it.


If you want to try out the browser please follow my referral link click here we both get rewarded get 1 NBX after you creating the wallet and 9 NBX tokens more after the first month of using it!



Thank You For Reading And All Support!



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