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Mobile Mining - Why Not?, It's Free And Could Be Lucrative!


Mobile Mining In Short

My believes are that many people in cryptocurrencies don't believe in this thing called "Mobile Mining", it's not mining we actually do it's just programs counting in a special rate for your convenience. Far more people are familiar with the term mining and for simplicity we use this term in this context. One statement I often hear is that "mining apps" just collect information about you. But often in this context we do not give any information that could be hurtful for us, the apps don't request such information anyways, some are but as always DYOR!

I have now collected many different "Mining apps" some might be something some might not. But as I believe I have said in another article, what do you lose?, time?, money? or information?. I would say nothing, you have nothing to lose and everything to win!.  Now let's start with the list some apps you might be familiar with, some not.


Mining Apps - The List


New! FireFly Network, this is one of the newer mining apps released. I can't find any information about the project yet or I'm just a bad Googler. If someone finds more information about the project, please let me know!. The app is located on Google Play and I don't think the app is released yet on App Store. This could be something or not, the future will let us know. 

You want to be a early bird and collect as many FireFly's as possible?. Use invitation code: ralle1212


Metaminers Network, In this app you mine MNC a crypto listed on exchange already!. I have written an article about the project, click here to read it and click here to read the whitepaper.  To get additional information about this NFT Metaverse on their website click here.

To download this app, get to the website and scan the QR-code for your operation system.  Invitation code: 06U4G


Pi Network, this is one of the mining apps most are similar with as the app have grown tremendously, the user count is now nearly 20 million. Pi has a big community and  a very developing one. The ecosystem of Pi Network is growing at a fast pace, the blockchain, the nodes and the wallet everything is nearly complete and ready to start. Pi is scheduled to launch in the end of this year or early next one. If yoyu want to read more about Pi Network click here and if you want to read the whitepaper click here.   

New users can still "mine" Pi, but soon wont be able to, want to start earning Pi? download the app on google play or apps store and use invitation code: Rallee


To not make this article to long or to heavy to read there wont be any additional information about the app, as above. I will link necessary information about the apps for you.


One Network, this is one I got some believes in. I only find the webiste their you register your number for ONE to be able to mine it. Click here to proceed to it.

Use invitation code: rallee


Bee network, For additional information click here and to read whitepaper click here.  

Feel hungry to mine Bee?, use invitaion code: rasmusandersson


Alpha Network, you want to know more click here to go to their website and click here to read the whitepaper.

You want to get some free Alpha and start to mine, download the app and use invitation code: Rallee


Eagle Mining Network, to go to their website click here, to read the whitepaper click here.

You want to get 10 free eagles and start to mine, download the app and use invitation code: rallee


Gemini Network, to read more about the project and how to mine Gemini Coin click here. To read the whitepaper click here

You want to mine Gemini Coin's? Download the app and use invitation code: razzemaiden


CoKu Network, to read more about the project click here. Whitepaper, not to be found. 

Invitation code: nTTOjaciINQF91UnQhUry5TaXD62


Ant Network, to read more about the project click here, to get to the whitepaper click here

You want some Ant's and start to mine?, use invitation code: rallemaiden


TimeStope, to read more about the project click here. To read the whitepaper click here.

You want to collect time?. Download the app and use Invitation code: rallee


Spotter, this is one in early stages you can watch adds several times a day to mine SP in a short time. The adds is necessary in the beginning to keep the project running according to devs. 

You want to be a Spotter? Get one SP to start with when using invitation code: ralle12


Remint, the real estate cryptocurrency! now able to be mined, a plus is that it's a public team behind the project and they are Swedish (like myself). To go to their website click here

To get some free Remint and start mine use invitation code: 08ZARS43


A few apps have been added to my collection indeed, remember to always DYOR. You have the responsibility for your actions and this is no financial recommendations, just facts.


Thank you for reading and all support!


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mining technologies, new crypto projects
mining technologies, new crypto projects

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