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DollarCat is releasing a new Play2Earn Game which combines NFTs and DeFi, called Hero Cat

DollarCat's new GameFi  Hero Cat a Play to Earn NFT+DeFi Game


So, I've been writting about DollarCat before which is a unique form of mining needing no investment or equipment, it's free for anyone just start to mining their token DCAT. Now have DollarCat released a new blockchain game under the DollarCat brand which includes buying a NFT to be able to start the game and start earning their other token HCT (Hero Cat Token) which will be listed very soon (in 55 days approximantly) at a price of $0.2 per token, at Pancakeswap 


The Connection Between DollarCat's DCAT Mining and Hero Cat GameFi

So, there will be a comnection between everyhing DollarCat is developing due to DCAT is the governace token of the whole DollarCat concept and every project under it. Here can you acctually start using your mined DCAT, before it's listed and even has a value. You will be able to purchase a NFT needed in the Hero cat with DCAT tokens to the limit of 95% of the price for the NFT, the rest will you need pay with USDT.

Your login for DollaCat and the DCAT minning will also work as the login for Hero Cat GameFi.

In the future will DollarCat has more project evolved and released to the public, and maybe will the DCAT play a role there to. DCAT, is possibly the the token which has the most use cases and value at DollatCat and it's projects. It's either way main and governance token of DollarCat, it tells alot.

The other similarity is that the NFT (minning pet) you purchase will mine HCT, just as your money cat in the DCAT mining. Here are you also able to feed your minning pet for more hashrate with HCT, so the minning part works just desame.

Ecxept for the GameFi part of Hero cat which has many directions and many ways of earning HCT which I will describe further just below.


What Is Hero Cat and What Is This GameFi All About?


So Hero cat is DollarCat's version of GameFi there you can earn HCT in many ways, not just from minning as in DollarCat's DCAT mining even tho you mine here to. Here can you with help of or whitout DCAT buy an NFT which you can fight with, upgrade and develop. You can even bread in this game (Axie inspired).

The NFTs in Hero cat will cost you a minimum of 100 USDT to a maximum of 200 USDT to buy (up to 95% of the price can you discount with DCAT, if you have that much ir just discount as much has you have).

Every mining pet has different features even though there is two to choose from at the beginning there one costs 100 USDT and the other 200 USDT as said above.

You can upgrade this mining pets to a maximum of lvl 1000, there every 10th level giving increased hashrate with features.
Other specs yo develop your mining pets has is attack, HP, defensive, critical, WSP and AWD
There WSP and AWD are unknown to be, due to me just being Swedish and don't understans the the shorthened words or the lack or guidence for it on their website.

You're also able to participate in one-to-one battle to earn HCT. There is also storylines to earn rewards from, so there is no lack of ways of actually earning HCT from this GameFi which combies NFTs and DeFi in a brilliant way on papper.

I've yet not tried it but I will, I'm just waiting to get some more DCAT to be able to discount the price of the minning pet a bit more.

For everyone wanting to participte in DollarCat's ecosystem which will grow further than just DCAT mining and the Hero cat GameFi, I recommed to register att DollarCat because you can usd that login for Hero cat and other upcoming projets to and also do you start with 10 million DCAT tokens which you can chose to use for feeding your money cat and increase hashrate of DCAT mining or use as discount to buy a minning pet (NFT) with.

You can register HERE and use invitation code: k126812

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