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Just sold all DASH - ESG concerns

By minimalist | minimalist | 3 May 2021

Early April I bought Dash as I thought it was a pity that it had been removed from the Bitpanda Crypto Index 25 (which I own).

Following the rise in value today, however, I decided to get rid of my holdings of Dash (which frankly were small anyway).

What worries me about Dash, is the (apparent lack of) gender diversity of the team behind it. To me it comes across as the Rio Tinto of cryptocurrencies - though to be fair, the latter has been improving.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) do matter (to me).

ESG has become a huge topic in investing, with tons of articles suggesting that ESG funds outperformed non-ESG funds in recent years. If you are fortunate enough to have a pension plan, you may wish to consider where they invest. You can make a difference!

One of the challenges for investors is to find products that are genuinely driven by ESG principles (beyond taking a glance at a funding vehicles' team as I do here) and there simply is lack of transparency and information.

The E of ESG is already receiving much attention for cryptocurrencies, and being partially based on Proof of Work, Dash has never been a favourite among the cryptocurrencies I own.

The G is now what makes the difference to me.

Goodbye, Dash!

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