Coinbase share for retirement

By minimalist | minimalist | 15 Apr 2021

Today I bought COIN.

At first, I placed a limit order at $350 ahead of the opening. However, rather fortunately, it failed to execute. I then manually bought at $325.

I have no clue where the price will go short term. It may drop to $100 (about $20B valuation) or raise beyond the opening price of $381 (about $76B valuation). Anyway, I would not bother investing short term. I should add I do not expect significant dividend income either.

Rather I intend to keep COIN until retirement, about 25 years from now. I am unsure if people will still be making money using cryptocurrencies by then. But hey, Coinbase could be a profitable company even if most of its customers make a loss. Think of betting companies. The thing with cryptocurrencies, once they crash (they will eventually), there is always those that seek the opportunity. There will always be someone paying fees.

(This is personal opinion, and no investment advice)


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