Long Term Earn Web Crypto Games - Still playing after 2 years!

By MiniCrypto | MiniCryptoTips | 27 Jun 2020

I have had many hours searching around the internet for ways to make crypto, and during this time I stumbled across a few web based crypto games which caught my interest from the get go.

The first web based crypto game i would like to talk about is Cryptomininggame.com.

The things that caught my attention was it had a great narrative base, and cool artwork.

Your character is a cryptocurrency miner in an "Original Crypto-Universe", based within the future where the main source of energy is crystals and all jobs are paid in cryptocurrencies. 

The game has many aspects within it, like the "Mining room". Based on your level and the amount of Hpower (which can be gained via missions), you can mine one of the top cryptocurrencies for a certain amount of time, before you have to set the miner off again (your CPU is not used whilst playing this game.) Whilst mining your favorite cryptocurrency you will also be mining Cryptomininggame's own official ECR20 Token CGT. At the time of writing this there is not much information on there token, but they are in the process of creating partnerships to create use cases.

CMG has a section called "Crypto Mining War!" Whilst playing this game you will pickup cards. These cards can upgrade your mining room and increase many different aspects within the game. The level of your cards are dependant on how many of these cards you gain over time from playing. You can use these cards to fight other miners within CMG's "World."

The CMG "world" is where you can move your character around a top down board. Here you can do missions by sending drones from you position, and fight other miners with your card deck. 

One nice aspect of CMG is its marketplace. Here you can exchange any items/cards and crypto with other miners items/cards and crypto. 

CMG has its own crypto based mini-games and a lottery system where you can pickup more crypto on top of the main game.

CMG has developed a lot since it first came out and i feel there will be more to come in the future for this web based game.

If you are interested in this fun game or fancy picking up some extra crypto use the link below



The Second Crypto Web Game i have been playing for a while now is Rollercoin

Rollercoin is a fun mining simulator game based within a basement room. It has a fun retro look to it, which i think adds to the charm and the Rollercoin hamster mascot is adorable. 

The aim of the game is to build up your mining power by playing mini-games. The more you play, the more of the block reward you get that is shared out to the community. The block reward at the time of writing is at 4500 sats every 5 minutes. When i started playing the block reward was at 3000 sats, so the reward for the community will increase overtime.

To sustain your mining power you can buy miners and racks from the shop which can be purchased by the sats you mine, or by depositing bitcoin into your account.

You can allocate your power to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin which is rewarded into your wallet when the block reward timer runs out.

So far Rollercoin has 9 mini-games which you can play, with 3 more coming soon. The mini-games are based on your standard mini-games, but the Rollercoin hamster makes an appearance in most of them to add there own twist.

RLT (Roller Token) is Rollercoins ECR20 token which will run there economy in the future. There token will bring in new features and oppotunities to the rollercoin universe within the future once they have implemented there token.

Overall i can see a whole lot coming from Rollercoin over the coming years and if you arn't interested in the project, you can always pickup a few sats over time as it's always running even if your offline.

if you are interested the link to the website is below.



The third and final web based crypto game i have been playing for a while is bitcoin-bum.com

Bitcoin-bum is an economic simulator game. 

You start off as a bum in Bum City, making small amount of sats by begging for money and surfing site. (advertised sites for sats)

Over time you can rent housing from a trash box to a luxury residence, and depending on your housing there will be a type of job which will earn you sats per day over a 250 day period. 

The aim of the game is to sustain your housing rent to be able to keep your job going, so you can progress up the property and job ladder and make it big within Bum City.

It is possible to rob and be robbed in Bum City, so there is a store where you can buy weapons to attack or protect yourself , and a bank to store your hard earned cash from people robbing you.

I have found this is a slow web game, and still have areas to explore, but i can see potential once you start buying nicer houses and getting better jobs. 

One great thing with this game, is there is no need for investment to make sats with this game, but it won't be instant.

If you fancy a long term game with some good earning in years to come this could be worth a play. The link to the game is below.



I think all three web based crypto games have great concepts, and some exciting update to come in the future.

These games are also not a bad way of picking up a few cryptocurrencies over the next few years for free.


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Since learning about blockchain technology, I have been an avid supporter of how the underlying technology has the potental to change the world. Not just financially but also the ablilty to create efficiency within all industries and aspects of our lives. I am hoping to help you reduce the hours of surfing the web for interesting and fun projects and maybe help you pick up a few sats along the way.

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