Where Are the Big Geomines? A close look on XYO Network and their Geomining.

Where Are the Big Geomines? A close look on XYO Network and their Geomining.

By OvermindSB | MinereumV.2 | 19 Jun 2020

Walking 10 h a day...

Before I start to flip out I’d like to admit that the XYO Geomining Network isn’t that bad, actually it reminds me of pokemon Go but without the freaking and nasty pokemon. Why they didn’t work together? Maybe they do in future but that is  just speculative. However, today I decided to spent my time to make the stress test for the Geomining App CoinApp. I walked 10 h outside through hills and woods with my wife, it was wonderful! Before we have begun our trip I assured myself that I turned the auto collect button on. 
a113318643cdeeb12800a5d2bb5e51a3b93d0278a3ee843c3fd9abeddfcd696d.jpegSo we were prepared and could start our trip. I checked every hour if my geoming was successful, held my mobile phone in my hand and I saw the coins comin in:

0.01, 0.04, 0.02, 0.03, 0.05...

i noticed that the mining wasn’t exceeding a value higher that 0.12.

This is so €&@&€#%# damn low! 
I can just witness big geomines but couldn’t mine one by myself? RIDICULOUS! I don’t know how long do I have to play this game to make valuable profits? However, I calm down that day and I am sure that the time will come I’ll gonna find a big geomine. Finger‘s crossed. 

I am open For any advices. So leave me a advisable comment, please. 

just in case you’d like to get mad about this game like me. Here is the link to the App.


Thanks for reading and happy geoming🤠

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