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Minereum - Make the LONG story SHORT

By Potaball | Minereum | 2 May 2020

Warning: If you think Minereum is a scam, then don't open this POST!!! 









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Earthflaters will never believe in earthrounders' thought, while earthrounders will always deny earthflaters' theory. 

The same thing happens on Minereum's haters and supporters.



What is the 32000 MNE in my wallet?

First, you can see them in your wallet even on Etherscan. Nevertheless, I want to tell you that they are not your TOKENS. You cannot transfer them because they are not your tokens.

These tokens don't belong to Minereum team nor scammers, they belong to your Ethereum address (NOT YOU, YOUR ADDRESS ONLY). In this case, your address will be a genesis address and the 32000 MNE is its property (AGAIN, NOT YOURS NOR MINEREUM TEAM)



Why is the 32000 MNE in my wallet?

Minereum V2 airdrop has no threshold at all. Everybody can join even bots. No need social media account, no need KYC, no need your email whatsoever! The only things the participants need are just:

  • Ethereum address(es)
  • Skill to solve reCAPTCHA
  • Skill to submit

That's all. Can we submit multiple times? Can we submit the addresses that don't belong to me? 

Sure, you CAN. Nobody will stop you from doing that.


What can I do with them?

If you have a Genesis Address with 32,000 MNE you have 4 options:


What is mining?

You can imagine that 32000 MNE is the amount that your genesis address will mine once UPGRADED (ACTIVATED). When it mine 1 MNE, that 1 MNE belongs to you (NOT YOUR GENESIS ADDRESS ANYMORE) and you can spend it.

Mining rate for 1 genesis address = 0.00032 MNE per Ethereum block

You can do your math.


How to exchange that 32000 MNE?

As the 32000 MNE belongs to your genesis address (AGAIN, NOT YOURS), you cannot transfer them in a normal sense. There are 2 methods to exchange it:

  • Sell as genesis address
  • Sell as tokens


How to sell as genesis address?


0) use a web3
1) follow this
1.5) this action will require you to pay GAS FEE only
2) wait for a buyer


How to sell as tokens?

Complicated! As you cannot touch the tokens that belong to your genesis address, you have to mine them first. (So, they belong to you)

Please note that MINING is a slow process, it can take years to complete (50 years for maximum as estimated)

0) use a web3
1) follow this
2) wait for it to mine
2.5) make sure your genesis address is a level 3 one before you transfer the token(s)
3) transfer your token(s) to exchange just like usual



1) I can transfer that 32000 MNE right after I upgrade the genesis address to level 3?
= No, you need to mine them 1 by 1 (0.00032 by 0.00032 to be precise)

2) Where do the upgrade fees go?
= Read this:

3) How to earn big with Minereum?
=In my opinion, I will recommend the Minereum stakeholder program. Learn more at here:

4) Is this a scam?
=If you have some solid proofs, show them in the comment.




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