Telegram BTC Faucet v6 bot And EthBitcoina scam or legit?

By dvs007 | minehunter007 | 11 Aug 2019

I ran into one of these before, Do not invest in it!

I would like to post my ref and see how far their proof is going to take them in this post. I will guess  and dare to say not very far.



User: David
Balance: ฿0.00009561
Account Type: Free
BTC wallet:
Member since: 2019-08-11 17:56

Referrals: 0
Referral earnings: ฿0.00000000
Referral commission: 20%
Referral link: check it out or not I really don't care.

As I said this isn't going to go well for this bot!

The faster you help me the faster we can expose them though! Make sense?


7 days for your eth to be sent to your address! All you need to do is give your address and click. 
That's my referral link as you can very well see, and again I'll just say this. It'll only boost the 
post process to find out if they're legit or not.

This one is just pushing you down the list of things to do and then stops I think. I didn't care to spin. Stopped there for me 0,004 I had already in the 10 mins I was on there! + $25 dollars. 
Figures and this one is linked to these.

Not going to bother with the referral.  <------DEAD

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Just a guy trying to make his way into the crypto world ;)


Data analogies about cryptography charts and technical analysis make everyone an expert now a days. I'm just going to cover my thoughts. And Arqma is just a group that I respect a lot. That's all!

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