Cryptocurrency upward trends. 4 massive reasons why!

Cryptocurrency upward trends. 4 massive reasons why!

By dvs007 | minehunter007 | 10 Aug 2019

I find it funny that people rely on this information. (comment please I want to know what people think, thank you. Also there's a link to a post on here about .... so please check that out if you want to talk to me on the comment I've made there about these ... , thanks again)



Charts are so old and something I don't rely on at all.

1st of all since the mining power of btc is at an all time high it's only logic that btc can break to an upwards trend.

Also, this is the only chart that I ever check personally. Period! 
Image result for btc hashing power increase

2nd it's the same for others, the only difference is that they have to keep a maximum in staking and since that's also profitable now. Why is it so hard to understand that there's no stopping this train! If people do these two step profit tasks. However miners have to pay bills and no one can deny that to be a break point downwards. And let's not forget that there's no versus, people do both as well! Again period!

3rd most people who play free games or whatever else that makes btc, ltc, eth and other stalking coins/tokens all do the same which eco-boosts everything as well. Again period!

4th Crypto loans are also a big reason why people expect upwards trends. And shockingly again period!
Image result for crypto loans

So why relay on charts that haven't always done what people said they would do?
Should I abandon charts all together. Personally I don't think you should but this is my post and my view and also my understanding.

So the answer to your question about abandoning them is.
No you should not if you feel that works for you!

I might cover some of the app's I use but honestly google it, there's tons of them and you need to choose which one suits best for you too.
But please don't be fooled with these things, check, double check, research and ask trusted friends who are doing the same to check for you too if you're not sure about something.

This is my view on things, my understanding, my experience and my opinion.


Just a guy trying to make his way into the crypto world ;)


Data analogies about cryptography charts and technical analysis make everyone an expert now a days. I'm just going to cover my thoughts. And Arqma is just a group that I respect a lot. That's all!

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