99 Mining short review. And whomever wants to join my referral!

By dvs007 | minehunter007 | 18 Sep 2019

These sites pop up like weeds, unstoppable overloading of sites that probably will die out soon too.

Plus this is so like Bitspeed if you read my post from that one and if not here's the link to it!


Anyway let's have a look see what this is about!
As you can see the moment you give your btc address the miner starts right away.
Same as on Bitspeed. If these two would pay me, I guess I'll never have to bother trading again!


From the looks of this one it seems like they're targeting people for smaller amounts of btc!


From the looks of it, this 99 Mining and Bitspeed are the same group of people that target new
investors to the world of bitcoin.

Having two sites like this up for a week can make more btc for them then anyone can imagine.
Sadly the poor lose and the scammers go and return 100x stronger.

We all need to start teaming together to make this place saver for anyone to enter.
Please share this with as many people as you can.

In the case that you have a btc address that isn't linked to anything serious, use it to test
this with me please. I want to know more about this and I need you for that.


Now a big issue I found on this one is that they request your personal information!

Proof of Address
(Bank, building society or credit card statement. It must be no more than three months old and show your name and current address): You'll never get it!

This looks like a marker to target you in the future or something. Seriously how people fail for this is beyond me.
But who knows a lot of things change fast but nothing can and ever will pay you these amounts over these time farms.
It's truly saddening that this still happens to this day and that there's no policing over this whatsoever.

I have been demanding that they need to set up some sort of system to block anyone from starting something without being screened themselves.
Maybe then they'll understand how if feels to be forced to share your personal information with total strangers to get access to these sites.
And probably get robbed too, they must have some group or channels to share this information and laugh at us poor people!



going off topic here.

Thanks again for the read and if you try this please don't give any information and do not give them any BTC!

Have a nice day!

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Just a guy trying to make his way into the crypto world ;)


Data analogies about cryptography charts and technical analysis make everyone an expert now a days. I'm just going to cover my thoughts. And Arqma is just a group that I respect a lot. That's all!

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