Will crypto pay for my summer holiday? 📈 July Profit Report 📈

Will crypto pay for my summer holiday? 📈 July Profit Report 📈

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 3 Aug 2020

Will crypto pay for my summer holiday? c1285f5842a5f5c716238424993ff16078b833439983b4b2a24063954bb6885c.jpeg

I always promoted the idea of a diversified portfolio and the spread of extra money in various types of investments which will produce either residual income or has potential to generate profit. Residual income is any amount of money which is not the result of a job or hourly wages, an income that requires an initial investment of money or time.

The July forecast was much lower than the £141.41 obtained in June, with less planned residual income, less dividends on Football Index and a summer slack-vibe for writing on Publish0x. The only expected boost was from Amazon KDP, as a reflection of my new launched book: The Player! A roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, gambling addiction and sometimes funny stories. However, with few unexpected payments, the July residual income was hugh higher then expected, summing up to £200.76. Some of the profit from July will exchanged in Turkish Liras and will be spent on pampering and fun.


1. Publish0X: £56.53 ($13.55 + $60.40 from 40 AWC Tokens)

Publish0x keeps the flag up! As my journey goes onwards and upwards, I am thinking how to celebrate when I will reach 300 followers and 100 post! A good way will be some kind of competition but at the moment, I am in holiday mood, lacking clarity and concentration. As an extra bonus from the Atomic Wallet writing competition, I received 40 AWC tokens and with the $13.55 made by reading and writing I accumulated enough to maintain Publish0X on the number 1 position.

2) Coinbase £43.60 ($57)

What a great surprise from Coinbase Earn, where I got invited to earn Stellar Lumens (XLM). After doing 5 quick video lessons I got credited $10 worth of XLM, and a link to invite other 4 friends to earn Lumens. When I scrolled the list I noticed that the same offer was available for Orchid (OXT) and EOS, which I completed fast, being afraid of getting "waitlisted". The next day I received in-app message telling me that I can now do the Kyber (KNC), Compound and Tezos lessons and get rewarded. Task completed and a nice chunk of crypto added in the wallet: $9 COMP, $6 Tezos and $6 Kyber. One friend used my Stellar link so we both got credited $10 worth of XLM. The offer is available for both existing Coinbase customers and new Coinbase accounts. If you are creating a new account and use my referral link, you will be eligible for an extra $8 worth of Bitcoin.

Earn $ 10 worth of Stellar Lumens

Earn $ 10 worth of Orchid

Earn $ 10 worth of EOS

3. WiseAlpha: £37.11

Interest payments and two of my investments paid in full years before maturity. Happy days! Virgin Media investment finished, and extra £3.14 were added at maturity, as a bonus to my £100 initial investment. I used the funds invest in Provident Financial. Ardonagh paid £4.57 interest and than paid me back in full, 3 years before maturity, adding £29.40 profit. I am waiting for new pitches to be added before re-investing.031b02e5c147984c884b390b94358322a1efefcee95f3fc80cbcc4c8ceb09e7a.jpeg

4) KDP/Amazon Books  £14.30 ($18.71)

Book selling is one of my constant form of residual income.  My books about lifestyle, well-being and physical activities, are constantly contribution, either from Kindle or paperback sales. My new launched book, The Player! A roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, gambling addiction and sometimes funny stories, boosted my income considerably.  Check my author page: PV Mihalache.


5) Football Index: £13.06

As I anticipated, July was a less productive month, however, August will bring good news, with Champions League and Europa League playing in a compressed format, and x5  in-play dividends for the occasion. e149dcbc139e0b76fc7422667a0e5cfb5d781ea3db9d09c75146f6ada9526237.jpeg

6) Faucet Reward: £9.90

With claims exactly every 20 hours and all multipliers active, the Horizen (ZEN) faucet is a star. July's reward was 0.5 ZEN (£3.21). See how to maximize your ZEN rewards explained in the Get.Zen Guide. The Zcash (ZEC) fountain dripped  0.013 ZEC on Binance, approximately £0.85

The Coin Pot gang did well, even if I lost the 100% loyalty bonus while in holiday, forgetting to claim in one day, adding up to £2.14. The roller faucet  generated 0.01998464 LTC on Free-Litecoin and 0.00010817 BTC on Freebitco.in added another £1.68 to the monthly income. 8cad527937dd9cdb6fa49a11ff82632d97ec60ac00664104d5778f9eb302f5ac.png

The Crypto Faucet performed well in Siacoin, Verge and Doge but an withdrawal of 1100 BeenCash got stuck, adding up to the 100 TRX stuck since June. This faucet still produces a nice amount of crypto, despite the criticism and the evident lack of founds to pay certain coins. 406 Doge, 86 Verge and 188 Siacoins summing  £2.02 from CryptoFaucet.

7) Atomic Wallet £7.01 (5AWC=$8.05)

Apparently someone used my referral link so I got 5AWC bonus. Staked the 40 AWC received from the Atomic Wallet competition, at 20% interest, and 2030 TRX at 5%, so I will start to collect a bit of residual income from Atomic Wallet.

8) Binance : £4.77

I got credited 4.20 BUSD cashback from one of July's promotions. The NEO/GAS reward was £0.22. As I moved most of the assets to Celsius Network, the interest from Savings fall to minimum. However, some assets stayed on Binance because they are not earning interest on Celsius, and with the recent addition of Zilliqa, VeChain and Tezos for flexible savings will keep this dripping some pennies. The July interest was £0.54. 

9) Stakecube £4.30

Even if is still new on my list, Stakecube is amazing. The amount of fauctets, the automatic staking and interest on tokens makes it so rewarding. The good reward system from referrals adds some extra to the portfolio. In just two months, I had reached £8 on Stakecube which made me swap most of the assets in Rapids and bought 2 Shares in Masternodes, at 20000 RPD each. Currenlty left with 19433, expecting to make enough for the 3rd share in about two weeks. As a long term plan, I will move the 362 Syscoin I am holding on Binance and buy 3 Shares at 100 SYS each, than wait to make another 100 for the 4th share.

10) Brave Browser: £3.99 (21 BAT)

I used the laptop less than last month which is reflected on the amount of BAT generated by the browser. Still using the mobile Brave for Get.Zen claims, having now 1 BAT on the mobile browser but still have no clue how this can be moved to Uphold.

11) Lbry.tv: £3.35

I was finally been convinced to do an Lbry.tv account and start posting videos in this decentralized platform. I created MindPuzzles, the channel where I can post mixed videos, same as I do on Publish0x. The first month looked promising, as I made 131.87 LBC ($4.39)d104c1698bb415cceabe292b8c6a1d6393f253c246a4ed68e5192a63e98ff420.jpeg

12) RateSetter : £3.33

RateSetter temporary halved the interest due to the Covid-19 aftermaths. Once they will return to the normal rates, they will pay from 3% up to 6% of your investment, depending on the amount of time you want to lock your investment. July interest was low, only £3.33

13) Celsius Network  £1.90 

Moved most of the Binance asets on Celsius for higher interest, some in CEL, Celsius native token and some in the cryptocurrencies I want to grow and HODL. Celsius Network has a new bonus code in august, and double bonus for new users, so check how to get $20 in three easy steps.02133c46bda64d6839758dff6a23100bb4f8b1d4706e56520b3bb9aeaa8ad239.jpeg

14) Tezos: £0.31

Now with the rewards from Coinbase for holding XTZ, this will be a new tab, adding the weekly faucet and the staking reward.The weekly Tezos faucet reward was 0.1 XTZ (£0.25) while the staking reward was 0.0246 (£0.06)

August forecast: I will not predict nothing for August, whatever will drip from all sources is more than welcome. Hopefully Publish0x and Football Index will bring a big chunk, and a good income from Amazon KDP, as a reflection of my new book: The Player! A roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, gambling addiction and sometimes funny stories

Keep safe, keep active and keep the residual income flowing!


Links and referrals

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Atomic Wallet

Celsius Network

Quality Faucets:

Horizen (ZEN)

PipeFlare (ZEC & Pivx)

Zcash (ZEC)

Free-Litecoin.com (LITECOIN)

Stakecube (claim over 20 coins daily)

The Crypto Faucet (SioCoin, Verge, Doge)

MoonDash.co.in (DASH)

MoonBitcoin.Cash (Bitcoin Cash)

MoonDoge.co.in (Doge) 

MoonLiteco.in (Litecoin) 

Moonbit.co.in (BTC) 

Freebitco.in (BTC)

My author page: PV Mihalache

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