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Valentine's Day #CryptoCooking - Fish And APWine

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 19 Feb 2023

You should try to impress your partner with some #CryptoCooking every day, if not at least for Valentine’s Day!

This time I was the one treated with some sweet love, as my wife ordered some heart cakes. I had to go and pick them up but sometimes we must be the ones that delivers the love!


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Valentine’s Day gifts can be tricky sometimes, as is so hard to mind-read the women’s desires. Finally the smart guys at Morrisons invented the perfect gift. Two Minty Lam Swirls for 1.50 pounds is a real bargain!


For tonight I recommend a fish dish and white wine! Nothing to fancy … just season the fish with herbs, add onions, butter and lemon and shove it in the oven. I added some shallots and chili flakes to make my stuff spicy!


The cooking time is 60 minutes, and I sprinkled the fish with some wine half way trough. In one hour you have time to have a shower, chill the wine and get ready for dinner with candles (in front of the crypto charts!)


Wine and wine again… but have you APWine Finance? The French-based project entered the Cryptoverse with a bang! 

The DeFi protocol was created to trade future yields, where users can deposit interest bearing tokens from other protocols for a set period of time and trade the returns in advance. The trading of unrealized yield will allow the users to speculate the evolution of yield and hedge the risk on passive revenue.


I won a big bag of $APW tokens in a huge meme competition, and HODL since then. They started to grow in value since AP Wine expanded on Arbitrum and made DeFi more accesible for simple users.

Currently holding 533 $APW tokens, with a value close to 220 USD. Shall I set a price target for the tokens or use them for governance voting?


Being an early $APW holder had some perks, including a cool NFT on Galxe. I claimed the APWine Queen and I now have 8 NFTs and two OATs.


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