Upland Reverse Tea Party - Take me back to London!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 4 Jul 2021

The Upland Metaverse 

On 24th of February 2021 I joined the Upland metaverse. It was for the Publish0x writing competition and was the first ever about a game. I couldn't write about something unknown and I started reading. When I got the basic idea of the game, I opened my Upland account and started browsing the options. My Explorer is a classic British Phone Box, the one people will use for photo sessions when they are visiting London!


Took me few weeks to become an Uplander. Since than I keep earning UPX and hunting cheap properties. In the first days I kept checking the map for bargains and I added six properties in my portfolio.


Completing missions and collections will bring a considerable amount of UPX, boosting the finances and basically helping new users to have a healthy start. Completing collections will also give reward boosts while being active. As an example, the City Pro collection required 5 properties in the same city, with 1200 UPX reward and a 1.4x reward boost. When I bought the properties in Fresno, the average price was 3000 UPX and the collection reward was similar to a 10% discount.


The new player tutorial and how to complete collections like a pro can be found in the Game review and play strategy: Upland ... UpLlama ... thumbs Up!


The Brand New World!

Six months ago, Upland had Chicago, San Francisco and Fresno.  New York and Bakersfield were added while Cleveland is the newest addition, opening on the 23rd of June. When Bakersfield opened, I went there and bought a nice property on Paradiso Way.


I evolved as an Uplander and now I have 7 properties in my portfolio, 4 completed collections and a total net worth of 31,273


But this brand new world is not complete without London, a place of history and mystery! How can Upland ignore the largest city of England and the United Kingdom? 

The Reverse Tea Party - Take me back to London

The Boston Tea Party was one of the biggest political protests in history as it leaded to the American Revolution. It was the event that broke the brotherhood bond between the British Empire and the Americans. This link can be secured again in 2021, if Upland will add London to the Metaverse. Uplanders from Chicago, New York or even Fresno will bring their crispy dollars and look out for properties close to landmarks such as the Buckingham Palace, Westminster or the London Eye. For a limited time only, Uplanders can book their seat at the Reverse Tea Party and hang out with Lillibeth and Llama.


It's one of those Play&Read articles I tend to do ... and is my humble request to the Upland Development Team .... Take me back to London!

Why should Upland open in London? Because no other city is packed with landmarks and historic buildings like London. We are talking about  monuments, buildings and attractions that are easy recognized world wide, such as the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Shard, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, etc. We are talking about British icons such as the black cabs, the red phone boxes and double deckers! Also the Llama has a monocle ... it's clearly from London!


Real Estate Market in a city that was founded between 4800 BC and 4500 BC will be the ultimate dream! A city that evolved from a roman settlement to one of the most iconic cities in the world must be added on Upland.  The city that survived the viking invasions, the plague, the great fire of 1666 and heavy bombardments during World War II is now ready to welcome Uplanders!  


The British Culture

You seen it in the movies ... everyone likes the British accent! The British culture is well known around the world and from child to grandad, they all know about Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, Ed Sheeran or Robin Hood. This culture must be integrated in the Upland metaverse because Upland needs London as much as London needs Upland.


The literature in the United Kingdom has always been at top levels. William Shakespeare is a British brand, so is Robert Burns, the national poet of Scotland. Ancient people like myself grew up with Charles Dickens stories and Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. Fun for the young ones? Then we are talking about Roald Dah and the best children's books ever, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Box Trolls, Matilda or the Big Friendly Giant.

Best Roald Dahl books | Mother&Baby

The Nottin Hill Carnival will be a cool event to be added in Upland's calendar. The carnival attracts over one million people, being the biggest street festival in UK and one of the largest in the world. The party takes place in August, for three days.


The architecture includes a mix of styles, including some ancient structures such as Stonehenge or the Giant's Ring. London is full of medieval castles, gothic cathedrals,  baroque architecture and even neoclassical and romantic. The heritage lives in synergy with modernism, neo-futurism and fragmented geometry.  The skyscrapers from Central London are giving the skyscape something unique, as the Shard, 22 Bishopsgate, the Gerkin and Heron Tower are creating an iconic view. The Chrysler Building auction was settled for 25,000,000 UPX, making it the most expensive expensive property in Upland. Feeling that The Shard could beat the record!


The British culture if full folklore and legends, from the famous Blackbeard to witches and gremlins. Halloween is a traditional holiday from the Scottish "All-Hallows-Evening". Witchcraft and wizards are part of the British culture, same as druids and fairies.


Landmarks and attractions

Buckingham Palace is the first landmark on the list. The palace is the Queen's residence in London and has 775 rooms. It is open to visitors in the summer, when Lillibet is at Balmoral. The Buckingham Palace garden is the biggest private garden in London, with over one thousand trees, 325 wild plant species and over 30 bird species. Uplanders can visit the garden and the inside of the palace. The tour will  include decorated rooms, the Throne Room, the Grand Staircase and the art galleries. If the tour is already sold out, the changing of the Royal Guard is also a memorable event. It takes about 45 minutes and can be seen almost every day at 10 AM. 


The Tower of London was a place of torture and the first London Zoo, as lions and other wild animals have inhabited the Tower. The Beefeaters are ready to tell their tales as they walk the battlements. The Crown Jewels are located in the tower, along with many fine armors and weapons. Do you know that the ravens are "residents" of the Tower and their presence is believed to protect the Crown. The superstition says that if the ravens will fall away, than the Crown and Britain will fall.


London Bridge

Did you know that the majority of tourists believe that Tower Bridge is London Bridge? Did you know this bridge is so famous because of the nursery song "London Bridge is going down!". The current bridge is located on the western end of London, about 30 meters upstream from the previous ones.

London Bridge vs Tower Bridge ...

Tower Bridge

The bridge was built over 100 years ago, between 1886 and 1894, crossing the River Thames close to Tower of London. Is one of the most recognizable landmarks and offers stunning panoramic views to the visitors through the Glass Floor. The bridge's deck has free access to vehicles and pedestrians, while the bridge's twin towers, the Victorian engine rooms and the Tower Bridge Exhibition requires tickets for admission.


Westminster - The House of Parliament

The Palace of Westminster is the House of the  Parliament of the United Kingdom, hosting both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The palace is situated on the Northern bank of the River Thames, with the Big Ben in the North side. It is owned by the Queen and was largely destroyed by fire in 1843. The House of Parliament is focal point for tourists and can become an important landmark in Upland.


The Prime Minister's office is at 10 Downing Street, from were he can easily travel to the Westminster Palace. The current PM, Boris Johnson, is in fact a wax statue clone of Donald Trump!  


The Big Ben is the most famous clock in the worlds. The landmark is easy recognizable and one of the most tagged Instagram buildings. Is located at the North end of Westminster Palace. The official name is the Elizabeth Tower, since the rebranding from "Clock Tower"  in 2012. Did you know that Big Ben has a replica in Buenos Aires? It was built at the beginning of the 20th century by English residents.

The tower was designed by August Pugin and completed in 1859 and is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987. It stands 96 meters tall and England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are represented on the tower, on massive shields. Pardon me sir! What is the time? It's time for Upland to add London.


The London Eye is situated on the south bank of the river Thames. The rotating observation wheel is 135 meters tall and offers a 360 degree view over London, with amazing views over the Big Ben, the Parliament, the Mall and Buckingham Palace.

Madame Tussauds has was statues of world's top stars, influential people, elite sportsmen and royalty. The collection is updated constantly and every visit will be different. Been there three times and I enjoyed every visit.


The London Aquarium is situated nearby London Eye, on the south bank of the River Thames. It's one of the biggest aquariums in the world, with underwater glass Ocean Tunnel, Shark Walk and rare species of clownfish, rays, piranhas and crocodiles.

The Warner Bros. Studio is the perfect attraction for Harry Potter fans.  The magic of Hogwarts will offer an unforgettable experience which includes a visit in the Forbidden Forest and a trip with the Hogwarts Express straight from Platform 9 ¾.

The View from The Shard offers a 360 degree view from the Skydeck on level 72. The Shard is twice as high as any other landmark in London, 300 meters tall! There are viewing platforms on level 68 and 69 but the experience from the open-air Skydeck is unique.


Wembley Stadium was opened in 2007 with a total capacity of 90,000 people. It was built on the site of the original Wembley Stadium. The UEFA EURO 2020 final will take place at Wembley on Sunday 11th of June, hosting the two winners from the semi-finals. England v Denmark and Spain v Italy are the two matches that will send the two countries to Wembley. If added on Upland, the Stadium will have a huge property size and probably an 3,000,000 UPX price.

Football fans can visit other stadiums, as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham, Fulham and Queens Park Rangers are having their home ground in London.


The Kew Gardens are the largest UNESCO World Heritage site in London and is the world's most diverse collection of living plants. There are 10 glasshouses containing 10 different climatic zones. The Treetop Walkway takes visitors into the tree canopy, at over 18 meters above the ground.


The British Food

The Full English Breakfast is probably the most known British dish. The traditional version has fried eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes and mushrooms, served with buttered toast. 

A full English breakfast

Fish & Chips is another British favorite, and is often served with garden peas or mushy peas and tartar sauce. The fish is battered and deep fried to get the golden crust. Some prefer the chips with salt and vinegar but for me this mix is too extreme. 

Fish & chips

British Pies can be sweet or savory. The pastry acts as a container for the meat filling for pies such as steak & ale,  steak & kidney or chicken & mushroom. Other pies such as Shepard's Pie, Fish Pie and Cottage Pie will use mash potatoes instead of pastry.

Enjoying a savoury pie and chips

The Sunday Roast is a family tradition! The roast meat will be paired with roasted vegetables, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings, all drizzled with creamy gravy.

A serving of Sunday roast

Chicken Curry is a true British dish not Indian as you may think. The chicken tikka masala was voted UK's favorite dish multiple times. There are many Curry Houses in London, all serving different adaptations and various influences of chicken in spicy sauce. Chicken Korma is the mild version while the Vindaloo is the hot version. 

Chicken tikka masala
G&T (gin and tonic) is the perfect pair for comfort food. It was invented in the 19th century as a medicine for malaria and quickly become a popular drink in the United Kingdom. The herby flavored drink will be mixed with lime juice and tonic water and served with ice. Preparing a G&T

Don't know for how long I will have to wait for London to open on Upland but for sure the patience will be rewarded one day! Until then ... Upland ... Up Llama ... Up London!


Today is 4th of July and Uplanders are invited to the Fireworks Festival Challenge! The players will compete to collect firework piñatas that will carry both UPX and Spark rewards. The Firework Piñata drops will be spawned randomly throughout Upland. The event will have five waves, as it follows:

  • Wave 1: Brooklyn, 8:00 AM PT
  • Wave 2: Chicago, 12:00 PM PT
  • Wave 3: Fresno, 3:00 PM PT
  • Wave 4: Oakland, 5:00 PM PT
  • Wave 5: San Francisco, 7:00 PM PT



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