Trilium discovered on Binance Launchpool! Alien invasion to follow!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 8 Apr 2021

Woke up and send my nice Human Female to mine some Trilium on Planet Neri then checked Twitter for some impossible to win giveaways. You may laugh about my primitive tools, but if this is the case ... feel free to send me some better ones.


While spam-tagging my friends for a chance to win some free NFTs, I seen a tweet that announced the biggest alien invasion since the battle of New York City. Trilium (TLM) to be added to Binance Launchpool! Why this was a mind-blowing breaking news? Becasue will make Alien Worlds even bigger than it is!

Alien Worlds will expand on the Binance Smart Chain, adding the teleport functionality between WAX - Ethereum - BSC. This will enhance the gaming experience by deploying Binance Missions NFTs into the Binance Smart-Chain and will create missions on Planet Binance, where users will send their spaceship to claim Trilium (TLM) and special NFTs. Alien Worlds is the 3rd Dapp by number of users, with nearly 24,000 registered players.


Coingecko moved quickly and already added Trilium to the platform. Is Alien Worlds expanding beyond expectations ... of course it does! It's the number one game at the moment, and with this new events, will be the top dog for many years to come

Binance Launchpool

You will need an active Binance account to use the Launchpool features. If you don't have one feel free to use my referral link: Create a Binance account!

Trilium (TLM) is the 19th project added on Binance Launchpool. The ERC-20 token is used on AlienWorlds to incentivize the gamers and can be staked to participate in the planet's DAO. The planets are decentralized and will generate Trillium through smart contracts, allowing the TLM owners to acquire or rent land, buy or upgrade tools or to participate in governance.

Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD) holders will farm Trilium (TLM) for 30 days. The farming period started on the 7th of April and will conclude on the 6th of May. Trilium (TLM) will be listed into the Innovation Zone on the 13th of April at 6 AM UTC with Bitcoin, Binance USD and Tether trading pairs. The BNB pool will share 80% of the allocated rewards (120,000,000 TLM) while the BUSD pool will share the remaining 20% (30,000,000 TLM). The farming rate will be boosted until the listing on the Innovation Zone, at 12,500,000 TLM shared per day until the 13th, dropping to 3,125,000 TLM after listing.


I made sure I was ready before the farming started, and I staked my BUSD and BNB straight in the pool. I moved the Binance Coin (BNB) from the Vault because Alice farming is still live and I didn't wanted a shared reward between the two active projects.


I farmed 54 TML in a day, about the same amount I am mining on Planet Neri.


The Trilium (TLM) tokenomics are complex, as the token is required for the gameplay, being used as a method of payment, reward and governance. The daily allocation for planets is mined and comes back as voting power.


I am playing Alien Worlds for some weeks, but I am not a hardcore player. I started, and mined, on Planet Neri to obtain CryptomonKeys NFTs. At the moment I have 2,338 TLM mined and staked.  Will farming on Binance Launchpool be more efficient?



A giveaway may appear here but at the moment we lost radio contact! Our space shuttle is lost in space!



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