The Splinterlands Path Is Full Of Adentures And Remarkable Bounties

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 14 Jun 2024

Calling all Splinterlands  adventurers! It's time to raise your banners and light up the digital realms with adventures and remarkable bounties!

My fair share of battling, trading, and exploring the Splinterlands universe started on 26th of December 2021, but I can say I've been around for enough to consider myself an OG player!

I will take you on a journey, sharing my tales of triumph, weird strategies that led me to victory, and we'll cherished memories together. Join me in commemorating this remarkable milestone!


Normie frens' don't know I call them "my normie friends"! As Deckard Cain once said... Stay Awhile and Listen! Want to play the game? Join me fren'

How you play it?  You try to create the most optimal 7-card deck, using the available cards, and fight against opponents. More wins will bring more Glint, which can be used at the shop for cards, potions or even titles!

What's Glint? The new currency for ranked play, which can be used in the shop to buy all kind of stuff. You earn Glint daily depending on the wins, and then a big bunch at the end of the season... based on the overall performance!

You know what's remarkable? Few months ago I was struggling in Silver III and now I am bouncing between Diamond and Champion... earning bags of Glint!


The tournament had a MEGA-JACKPOT OF 1 ,000,000 $DEC, plots, Runi, packs and more! My target was to win a couple of games, and why not...grab some $DEC and one of those Rebellion packs.

wins and nine lost games. I think it was a remarkable performance, considering I had no clue what those big boys cards were doing.

I started the tournament with a win, then lost the next game, and added one more win. At that point I was 55th and I was dreaming about sweet rewards. Reality kicks you harder when you're day dreaming!


Being able to use all cards, at maximal levels, was a disadvantage for me. I didn't knew them and no idea about what battle synergy to approach. The tactic was to use the most expensive cards!

This win was remarkable, as the dynamics were enhanced to maximal levels. On top of full cards at top levels... all the enemies had Divine Shield, while my team was boosted with Void and Shatter.

I had to counter the Healed Out battle rule somehow, and I choose to protect the army against magic. It turned out to be a good idea, as my opponent had three spell casters in the team

Immoralis: -1 Health to enemies, Void & Shatter

Mycelic Slipspawn: Taunt, Force Shield and Slow

Oaken Behemoth: Melee/Caster with Reach, Void Armor, Knock-Out, Dodge & Trample

Lord Thanalor: Caster with Ampliy, Scavenger and Rust

Furious Chicken: Melee with Enrage

Doctor Blight: Caster with Affliction, Camouflage, Poison, Scavenger & Weaken


Divine Shield is nasty, as one hit is completely nullified. However, Force Field is a bitch as well! The Mycelic Slipspawn took only one damage from the Drybone and the Corsair because their attack was above five.

First round gone with no causalities, mostly because the opponents were protected by divine shields. Same story in the second round, but at least Doctor Blight started to poison some units.

The Drybone Barbarian looked so scary with nine melee damage, but as I said... force field is a bitch! One damage made on the Slipspawn, which by now avoided 28 points due to this amazing ability. He fell but was soon avenged!


Doctor Blight's Poison was to strong for Iziar, and my scavenging units enjoyed his demise. The big bad barbarian missed his attack, and soon joined his buddy Iziar.

Corsair Bosun missed as well, showing that a Dodge can make the difference. The Oaken Behemoth was also untouchable by spells due to Void, Void Armor. Poison and fear filled the battleground, as the little Meriput Magican came face to face with the Behemoth. See the full battle here!


I like to believe I am getting better and better, creating new strategies and tactics! It is great to advance through the ranks and create a legacy! You can't stay away! You can't keep the distance from  Splinterlands!

However, you can Keep the Distance during this battle! Just another remarkable mix of battle-rules! I think draws are still very rare, and always entertaining.

I remember a draw that was awarded without any round played, when we both had the same summoner and just Djinn Oshannus, and this battle is somehow similar! For this draw we had to similar Water Splinter, with Kelya as a summoner, Djinn Oshannus as a tank, and a healer behind for support. 

Kelya Frendul: +1 Speed & +1 Armor

Djinn Oshannus: Caster with Void

Ice Pixies: Caster with Flying 

Crustacean King: Support with Healing


My opponent  and I shared a common idea, with a similar set-up and tactics, with Oshannus as wild card anti-magic tank. The Merdaali Guardian was the healer choice and Igor Darkspear as a 2 mana filling card. Igor has more health than my Ice Pixies but this wasn't an issue on the long run.

Was a long ... booooring battle! Oshannus with reduced damage on Oshannus, my pixies with no damage at all, and then a heal that brings both Djinns at maximal health... this was how the stuff happened in the first 20 rounds. Fatigue kicked in at the start of the 21st round, and the Ice Pixies were the first to face demise. 

Took another three rounds to bring it close to the finally, and the Djinns were panicking in front of the imminent death! The battle ended remarkably... undecided in the 24th round, after a 4 damage fatigue cleared the floor! See the full battle here!


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