The Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets - The "Five Alive" Show With Orella Abadon And Iidri Fyre

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 13 Apr 2024

Greetings Splinterlands Mages! It's time to try new dynamic strategies, fueled by rage and sparks of rebellion. Let's enjoy the FIVE ALIVE ruleset, where a maximum of five cards can be selected.

We had FAB FOUR few weeks ago, so this time we have even more flexibility... unless the mana cap is realy low. Let's see how the gods of random will laugh and make the team selection really dificult.


The gods of random had fun setting the mana cap at 16 for this battle! The laugher gone insane as they added two more rules to Five Alive, True Aim and Lost Magic.

Only 16 mana to select up to five cards, no magic units to be used, and everyone will hit the target! Time for an extreme solution! Eternan Brune as a summoner and all the low mana cards were analysed!

You may wonder why using a 6-mana summoner for a battle with 16 mana cap... but the answer is Orella Abadon! This 2-mana gladiator is a game changer!

Eternan Brune: +1 Gladiator & -2 Armor

Iidry Fyre: Tank with Taunt and Redemption

Scavo Chemist: Decoy with Cleanse

Orella Abadon: Melee with Bloodlust and Sneak

Scorch Fiend: Melee Decoy


Orella Abadon has an amazing story, as she is the oldest Gladiator who has chosen to join the professional camp. She is an Efreet, but the only non-human trait she possesses is her pointed ears.

The striped sickle tattoos that adorn her face and arms each represent a battle won in her lifetime, and each stripe represents a single kill within that battle. She is incredibly handy with spears of all sizes, having learned many tricks from all sorts of people in her long and storied travels. 

She may be old but experience can change the tides of the battle. Orella is a bargain killer, starting the Sneak ability and earning True Strike when upgraded. Two mana for a card with two health, two damage and Bloodlust is something that will top the battlefield in duels with a small mana pool. 


This battle was going to be ... entertaining! I was facing General Sloan and archers, all defended by a Chaos Knight! The Shield will reduced the damage taken, and the heal from Venari Crystalsmith will make the tank a priority!

Iidry Fyre will taunt all attacks on her, and will allow Orella to create panic in the enemy lines! As planned... Orella made her first kill, showing no mercy for the Xenith Archer. Bloodlust and boosted stats followed... as a good end for the first round.

A tank with no heal is not a big concern! Orella took care of the Venari Crystalsmith, but the Chaos Knight was Iidri Fyre's demise. Her Redemption blast took no damage, as the Knight's shield nulified the effect.

Orella was now pumped up, with four health and four damage. The Scavo Chemist was ready to defend her with his life, and no Chaos Knight could match the fury of the seasoned gladiator.


The Chaos Knight is a formidable foe in low mana battles, as the shield will make many units unable to deal damage. The Scavo Chemist was an easy pray, but he had one goal... protect Orella!

The old gladiator lead her team to victory, honoring the Chemist's sacrifice. She had to heavy blows upon the Chaos Knight, and the boosted damage was big enough to shatter the Shield! See the full battle here!


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