The Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets - Cataclysmic Earthquakes And Chimney Wallstop

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 24 Feb 2024

Greetings Splinterlands Summoners! The classic weekly battle challenge retired to make way for the Battle Mage Secrets series, making it more entertaining. This new set-up adds a focus on dynamic strategies, as players will be able to choose from a greater selection of more diverse units to bring into battle.

Let's enjoy the Earthquake ruleset, where all non-flying units take two physical damage at the end of every turn. Those that are snared considered non-flying and this is an ability that should always be considered. Since the damage given is physical, it can be reduced to only one if the unit has Shield! 

This battle-rule gives flexibilty in team selection, and different strategies can be used to maximise the effect. What's your approach when the ground will shake?

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Are you ready to rumble? Ready or not.. the earth will shake and the rifts will swallow you! What if Earthquake will be mixed with Armored Up, and everyone gets two more armor? What if Earthquake will be mixed with Up Close And Personal and only melee units could be used? What if all those battle-rules meet in a brawl for a strange combo?

I want to entertain you so I went for Tarsa and units with shield like the Living Lava and the Antoid Platoon. The Ant Miners were added to feast on the fallen, and build up health from the Scavenger ability. Will be entertaining as I faced Eternan Brune, and two gladiator cards! The extra armor from the battle-rule was nullified by the summoner, and the Bloodlust will flow across the fields! 

Tarsa: +1 Melee & +1 Health 

Living Lava: Melee Tank with Shield

Antoid Platoon: Melee with Shield

Ant Miners: Melee with Scavenger

Gargoya Lion: Melee with Flying

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak

Scorch Fiend: Decoy


Tarsa was a good choice for this battle, and the Living Lava with Shiled will reduce the quake's damage... but the lesser units were unprotected. Orella started the carnage and eliminated the Scorch Fiend, boosting her stats through Bloodlust.

The Serpentine Spy knew he had only one chance today, and done a considerable amount of damage to the Ant Miners. Chumney destroyed the Living Lava's armore and few pointless attacks followed! Then the earthquake came and cleared half of the board! I was feeling that this battle was going against me, but at least my Gargoya Lion will be relatively safe until will reach the first position.


Orella Abadon with another kill... as she took care of the sneaky serpent Uraeus! Bloodlust boost again and her stats gone up by one.. again! No damage on the Living Lava from the Antoid Platoon, but then Chimney stepped in! He swingged his axe and took half the health from the enemy tank.

Another earthquake and no victims! The Gargoya Lion was keeping safe from damage by flying above the rubbles, while the others where slightly hit by the shaking earth spikes. The outcome was still hard to predict.


The Antoid Platoon had to go back underground, squished by the Living Lava melted fists! The revange came quick, as Chimney Wallstop swinged that big axe again to deliver the deadly blow. Bloodlust for the heavy smoker, and more life into his lungs!

Third earthquake, with minor aftermaths! Just some armor taken off Chimney and Orella's health taken down to two points. The next round will be epic! The Gargoya Lion was still flying high!


Half-epic so far as Orella missed her attack on the Gargoya Lion for the second time. Chimney Wallstop didn't! His axe landed fully on the Antoid Platoons and no more creepy crawlers where left around. He got boosted again through bloodlust, and the armour will dampen the next quake.

The dodged one attack, survived the quake and was ready to go 1v1 against the Gargoya Lion. Will he be able to fight a flying enemy while being constantly hit by the earthquakes? I was hoping that the flying ability will keep my statue alive, and Chimney will fall! 

The Gargoya was hit ones and left without armor, and the next direct hit will mean that I will lose the battle! Dodge and eartquakes where my only hope... but what happened? See the full battle here!


Yoy can always fly above the rumbling earth to avoid the damage! However, low mana and earthquakes are a bad mix. The choice is limited, as not many good flying cards can be chosen. The strategy for a 14-mana battle was build around Obsidian and the Regal Peryton! 

Obsidian: +1 Spell Damage

Failed Summoner: Tank with Magic Reflect

Vampire Bat: Melee with Flying

Regal Peryton: Caster with Flying


The earthquake battles are usually fast and I thought I will cruise towards victory when I seen the enemy. First attack of the game and my Royal Peryton took down the Mycelic Morphoid, then the Failed Summoner done his job and reflected the magic attack into the enemy's Peryton.

The Hill Giant was on steroids, and at level three had enough muscle power to take down my tank-decoy. Earthquake hit and made the battle into a 2v2, with two teams that looked on even grounds!

It turned into a drama, like in Hollywood movies! The Vampire Bat was on two health, same as the Hill Giant, but unaffected by the Earthquake. One more wave and only the Perytons were alive!

Brotherhood battle between the Perytons, and it turned into a roullette! They both had 6 speed and the attacks took turns. This is how things can go downhill quickly, as my Peryton went from 4 health points to zero! See the full battle here!


I left this last on purpose... as the mix was as deadly as Thanos! Earthquake is bad, poison is bad... both together is cataclysm!  This battle was epic, as the nature was fighting back! It was a weird race but not a reace to delivers more blows... it was survival of the fittest.

The mana cap was generous, giving flexibility for more advance mechanics, but the battle-rules where deadly!  Earthquake would deliver two melee damage to non-flying units, and the Noxious Fumes poisoned everyone at the start of the battle! 

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power

Mycelic Slipspawn: Main Tank with Taunt

Nectar Queen: Off-Tank with Flying

Goblin Psychic: Caster with Heal

Centauri Mage: Caster with Return Fire

Gelatinous Cube: Support with Scavenger

Hill Giant: Melee with high HP


If the previous battles where fast, this was quicker! Bllink and you missed the action! I had to battle another Obsidian, with an army lead by Queen Mycelia. Under the queen's banner it was the Mycelic Slipspawn, the Mycelic Infantry, Mushroom Seer, Sand Worm and Wood Nymph as a healer.

I lost the Mycelic Slipspawn after the first round, but then the Earthquake and Fumes hit everyone. Was game over for the Nymph and many others barely survived to fight another round.

Round Three was total carnage, and all I had left was the Centauri Mage and the Cube! However, the Earthquake and the poison hit again ... boosting the slimy Gelatinous creature to 9 HP and nuking the Seer and Queen Mycelia!

The poison cloud hit hard the Slipspawn and the Sandworm, so my Cube gained two more health points! Game over as the Infantry was afflicted by centaury deadly magic! See the whole battle here!


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