The Proof of Beauty Trilogy: $HASH Saga

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 25 Sep 2021

I came across this great video by Gabriel Haines with David Sun, the founder of POB. Proof Of Brain (POB) is the experimental digital experience art studio that uses "blockchain as canvas and tokens as paint". This new concept of generative NFTs will create art based on "hash" transactions, with each transaction being minted only once. Proof of Beauty allows people to collect history in the form of NFTs, by creating memorabilia based on the hash attributes. Blockchain is forever!


The algorithm will consider all the attributes of the transaction and (such as sender, token, value, gas fees, etc) and will generate shapes, colors and patterns based on the details within the hash. I did listen all 53 minutes and 52 seconds and I can say I learned a lot!

David Sun came with the idea that sparked the POB idea in 2018. He was creating generative art as a hobby and he wanted to link this with cryptocurrencies. He created the pipeline, the smart contracts and in three months HASH was born. The HASH generative model will fill the black box with the transaction data and will create an unique piece of art. As an example, gas price will be converted in color complexity and texturing. The program will translate an abstract economic concept into something visual. 

POB Studio created HASH as the solution to save blockchain history, and with the long term vision to become a library of milestone and memorable events. Genesis was season zero for HASH NFTs and only 2555 will ever exist. Genesis sold out quickly, even if the minting process made it hard for those minting after the first thousand of NFTs. The first 1000 HASH were minted for 0.05 ETH, and an extra 0.001 ETH  was added to the price for every artwork minted after.

Season 1: SAGA is still mintable for only 0.08 ETH, and title and caption can be added on chain. The SAGA NFTs come in two options: historical and personal. Historical NFTS are any transactions from the blockchain, mintable for the flat price of 0.08 Ethereum, while personal transactions from the wallet can be minted for a discounted 0.03125 Ethereum. 



The birth of Ethereum is the most expensive HASH sold on OpenSea, for 50 ETH. The "First Transaction" NFT was bough by Lazlo Kovacs on the 25th of February 2020.


The "First Transaction" on ETH happened on the 7th of August 2015, when a small amount of Ethereum was sent to a fresh ETH address, and is considered the Bing Bang of the ETH ecosystem. This transaction was minted during POB Genesis and materialized IRL as a mural. The work was painted by Deanna Mosca in Bunbury, Western Australia.

There are also featured collectors, people that went above and beyond in the search for the perfect Proof of Beauty. They scanned and hunted the most important HASH and minted key points of blockchain history.


The HASH POB studio SAGA algorithm will focus on the address that sent the asset and the address receiving the address, using defined pallets of four colors. The palette is chosen from the destination wallet, this means all transactions sent to Uniswap will have signature pink, the 0x protocol will contain variants of green with black while Compound transactions will focus on green variants. The circles in the NFT are given by the number of zeros in the hash, with the texture either coarse or fine. The circle diversity is controlled by the gwei, meaning that higher gas price will increase the chances for a combination of small and big circles in the artwork.

The transaction nonce will control the compositional complexity. There are higher odds for unique art wit higher nonce but will not guarantee uniqueness. Shading is a new attribute added to SAGA's algorithm, with the sole purpose to make designs more unique. Shading will control the complexity of the texture, with higher shading values to give more gradients. The value of the transaction will be the factor that will control the shading in the NFT. 

The Proof of Beauty collection on Opensea contains over 6,2000 $SASH artwork, with prices from 0.01 to 3,133,731,338 ETH. The Pandemic Sunset has the highest listing price and was named as a reminder about how the pandemic changed the way humans interact. 


My SAGA - Exploring my personal transactions

Any transaction can be minted only once, and many historical transactions are already minted. If the event was memorable, probably a collector already has it in his HASH collection. I checked my personal TXS because transactions from or to my own wallet are discounted from 0.08 ETH to only 0.03125 ETH.


My first ever transaction on Ethereum is a bit pale and I definitely like the first approved transaction more. Power OVERWHELMING ... yes baby ... If you played Starcraft you know what I am talking about! This HASH looks like the trail left by a swarm of feral zergs while marching into enemy lines!


Time for shades of pink, with my first (and only) Uniswap transaction! I was expecting a pink pattern but the shades of pink and black created something beautiful. The first error is a monument of pinkness, and it's more then obvious that something went wrong.


Another interesting pattern found while shuffling through my saga was the largest ERC-20 transfer, which upon checking it wasn't a shitcoin. The purple and blue POB is the result of staking 5,000 MATIC! The second one is even more interesting... because it is already minted! This is the first payment for the first ever epoch sent by CRE8R DAO


Proof of Beauty NFTs can also be a source of inspiration for artists, letting the creativity flow depending on what their eyes can see on the random generated pattern.


Byron let the pencil go wild on top of this $HASH and created a hybrid art, both generated and drawn.


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