The Age Of The Battle Mage - Splinterlands Bonanza And Drybone Raider Cake Smashing!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 24 May 2024

Can you believe it’s been six years since Splinterlands started this amazing journey together? From our early days and humble beginnings to becoming a leading name in crypto gaming, this milestone is a testament to the passion and support from the community.

Six years ago, they set out to merge the excitement of collectible card games with the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology. The goal was simple yet ambitious... to create a game that was not only fun, but also gave players true ownership of their digital assets.


To commemorate the game's first six years, a series of celebratory posts on X with spread bounties! Let's work together to spread the word.Use the hashtag #ageofthebattlemage on your Splinterlands posts. Let's share our stories and our favorite moments, and celebrate together. Vonak!

There are 335 Rebellion booster packs for 120 lucky winners who share, like, and comment on the anniversary posts. On 31st of May will take place the massive Modern Splinterlands Tournament. THE BIGGEST TOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR, WITH A 1ST PLACE MEGA-JACKPOT OF 1 MILLION DEC AND THEN SOME!

1st Place: Runi + 5 Plots + 1,000,000 DEC
2nd Place: Runi + 4 Plots + 500,000 DEC
3rd Place: 4 Plots + 45,000 DEC
4th-10th Place: 1 Plot + 20,000 DEC
11th to 47th Place: 7,000 DEC + 2 Rebellion Packs
48th to 61st Place: 4,000 DEC + 1 Rebellion Pack
62nd to 138th Place: 1 Rebellion Pack


Let's celebrate 6 amazing years with Splinterlands, and get ready for what's yet to come! Will take you on a journey trough remarkable battles, sparks of rebellion, and achievements!

We will witness amazing rewards and even unsettled conflicts! It's time to raise your banners and light up the digital realms as our favorite on-chain play2earn game celebrate six epic years!

I will take you on a journey, sharing my tales of triumph, weird strategies that led me to victory, and we'll cherished memories together. Join me in commemorating this amazing milestone!

How you play it?  You try to create the most optimal 7-card deck, using the available cards, and fight against opponents. More wins will bring more Glint, which can be used at the shop for cards, potions or even titles!

What's Glint? The new currency for ranked play, which can be used in the shop to buy all kind of stuff. You earn Glint daily depending on the wins, and then a big bunch at the end of the season... based on the overall performance!

Let's start with my latest wild advancement! I unlocked Champion III last week, a massive thing for me! The goal was so remarkable because I slaked in Silver for two years and a half, before the new system! Onwards and upwards!


How much time I spend in the amazing Splinterlands universe? Between 30 minutes and one hour per day, mostly making sure my energy never reaches 50! Playing the game never consumes a significant part of your day, as I balance it with many other activities.

Don't worry about the gap between veterans and new players. The Rebellion lowered the gap between OGs and newbies, as the new cards and abilities destroyed the old strategies!

We already celebrated the Bitcoin Halving, and got new cards with Halving! Now is the time to use them in the 6-years celebration battles.

Close Range battle rule goes hand-in-hand with General Sloane, but this time I tried something new! x was my choice, and opted for boosted ranged attacks instead of shield.

Prophet Rosa: +2 Ranged Damage for 2 friendly units

Venari Marksrat: Decoy with Martyr

Drybone Raider: Melee/Ranged with Double-Strike

Rune Crafter: Ranged with Fury

Swamp Spitter: Ranged with Repair

Henchling Enforcer: Ranged with Halving

Nimbledook Ranger: Ranged with Double-Strike and Snipe


The set-up of this team was outstanding, as the synergy between units and abilities made me feel confident I would win against any opponent. No OP units, just a team that was built to destroy!

Prophet Rosa was used to boost two units with Double-Strike, as the Nimblebrook Ranger and the Drybone Raider will turn hulk-mode. The Drybone will triple boost, once the Venari Marksrat will die! DRYBONE SMAASHHH!

Fighting Brewmaster Abraxas would be a challenge, as his army had Queen Mycelia, Chimney Wallstop and Countes Sinash on the battlefield. Will I be able to stop the bloodlust before Chimney turns into a beast?

The Venary's Martyr pumped the Drybone, and he nearly single-handed the hippo overseer! The Nimbledook Ranger targeted the Lava Launcher, and the Swamp Spitter repaired the Drybone's armor. That armor repair was very important, keeping the Raider alive after a brutal attack from Chemney Wallstop.

Thorns damage hit back for every melee attack, and the beefy overseer was finally down. The Rune Crafter delivered the deadly blow, and I ended the round in style


Countess Sinash is such a shady person, hitting the weak from the shadows! She got the tiny Nimbledook Ranger out of the battle, and waited for her next chance to make some damage!

The Drybone Raider sacrifice was worthy of memorable songs! Four attacks on a full health and armored Chimney... with the deadly melee blow hitting back with a lethal thorns damage! They both died... but glory awaits in Valhalla!

The Rune Caster took the tank mantle, as his armor was repaired with haste! The Lava Launcher is a formidable ranged unit, but not after was hit by the Henchling Enforcer. The 3 damage instantly turned into 1, and the construct wasn't that scary now!


Things were going well, as the enemies were dropping like flies. The Lava Launcher was obliterated, and Uraeus died from thrones damage!

The mighty Queen Mycelia and the elusive Countess Sinash were to only one left. It was time to settle the endgame! Mycelia paid her taxes, not by choice, and Sinash trial started after! See the full battle here!


Splinterlands isn't just a game... it's a dynamic universe that has the potential to shape and transform lives. My honest advice is to enjoy the game and build up your deck. Dream big but don't get upset if you don't win many battles.

The community is the best place to learn more, with useful intel available on forums, Discord channels, and social media groups. When you win... you win! When you lose... you learn! Happy Anniversary Splinterlands 


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