Stakecube Project Review and Coin Delistings

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 1 Sep 2020

StakeCube posted an Project Review on Monday 31st of August. The post contains an update of how the existing coins and tokens are reviewed and a list of 8 supported coins that will be delisted on the 30th of September. The next review will take place in February 2021.

StakeCube will review the progress of coins and listed projects 6 months. Those found unsatisfactory will be delisted in a month time. The reasons that can make a coin or project unsatisfactory include but is not limited to no active development or progress, inactive or missing team, recurring chain/wallet issues, outdated chain/wallet code. To provide a growing number of supported coins, new active and promising coins, tokens and projects will be added.


Who's going? Who's coming?

APR Coin (APR), Ducat (DC), Deviant (DEV), GoldPoker (GPKR), SpectrumX (SPE), Ignition (IC), Stipend (SPD), xChainz (XCZ) didn't made the cut and will be removed on the 30th of September. The first 5 from the list were easily obtained from the faucets. Users are asked to withdraw or swap their coins before the deadline, otherwise they will be burned and lost.

For the above coins the PoS distribution will be deactivated and Shared master-nodes will be shutdown on the 31st of August. Exchange, NodeCube and faucets will be removed on the 30th of September.

To keep the platform diversified, DIVI, Zcoin (XZC), StakeNet (XSN), LOKI, SmartCash (SMART) and NIX will be added during Q4 2020.

Quick guide for coin swap

My StakeCube referral team was made through Publish0x, therefore I feel the need to keep the community updated and make sure they don't lose the coins. My advice is to swap/sell everything closer to the deadline, if you have a good referral pool, or whenever you have time if not. Some of the coins will have a multiple choice for selling, while others will have only one. StakeCubeCoin (SCC) has a lower exchange cap than Bitcoin (BTC) so this will be my main choice. StakeCubeCoin (SCC) can be used after to invest in other coins and tokens.

If you currently holding APR Coin (APR), Ducat (DC), Deviant (DEV), GoldPoker (GPKR), SpectrumX (SPE), Ignition (IC), Stipend (SPD) or xChainz (XCZ), click the arrows and chose your preferred sell pair. 6ddd6dd81a4e998b2b1617ac9858ff4b2678ba1a759528da9a23a0ae22552f69.jpeg

Sellect 100% on the "Sell" tab to sell the whole amount, and click the sell button. In the top right corner, a green confirmation message will be showed for few seconds, informing the user that the order was been successfully placed.51b0dd1dff47d1f55aace0c29d00e76ec7a64d29e09efc12cfe333c8dc2ee944.jpeg

The "Open Orders" tab will contain the information related to the price, amount and how much of the order is filled. Orders can be cancelled and added again if the price fluctuated too much and the order is stuck.77815b81baa78b4f4e0db60e798d107217eb501ce3c7756ea8470d490ba2c6fe.jpeg

Once completed, the order will be showed in the "Trade History" tab.3e5e327874adf4fadea677604dc7220d33e41595b9d2cf4114e98fa5c20ba17f.jpeg

Don't forget to do it before the 30th of September or your coins will burn!!!! 


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