StakeCube advanced tutorial : Wallet (I)

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 11 Jun 2020

When I discovered StakeCube I wasn't sure if how they were promoting themselves was real or just an exaggeration so they can attract new users.

They are claiming to be the World's Leading All-in-One Crypto Ecosystem, and my research was shared in earlier this month, highlighting their unique selling points. See "Is StakeCube really the world's leading all-in-one crypto-ecosystem?"for more details.


I quickly realized that what StakeCube is offering cannot be resumed to a single post.  I designed a 10 parts tutorial, and each part will cover in details one of the 10 main tabs from the StakeCube menu: Wallet, Exchange, NodeCube, Shared Masternode, MineCube, StakeCubeCoin, Academy, Community, Gameplace and API



The Wallet offers advanced security, personal deposit address, detailed overviews  and automatically rewarding with PoS, with no fees and fast transactions. All wallets will be listed, the balance and available actions (deposit, withdraw and swap). On the bottom of the page you can find the account balance.45915315e15cbd59168e1453fdbc1381f2f911f2b7333b8f18b2ca0fe003bf85.png

The Status page will show the wallet history, system updates, wallet updates and if it is any issues with the wallets.bc9fe380d73bb4ee53fa40f02a162d3f9cb829d0e668d1e2d24c80970b6917a0.png

Pool-Overview offers details about the platform and the available coins. As per today, StakeCube has 42587 active users and a pool value of 330.10 Bitcoins. On the platform are available 53 coins and tokens: Altbet, Atheneum, APRcoin, AllSafe, BeanCash, BitGreen, Blocknet, Bitcoin, Bitcoin2, Bitcoin Token, ColossusXT, Crypto Trading Solutions, DAPS, DASH, Ducat, Deviant, DigiByte, Dogecoin, DogeCash, e-Sport Betting, Flits, Gossip, GoldPoker, Igniton, Komodo, Know Your Developer, Litecoin, MMOCoin, Monkey, Navcoin, Neblio, DeepOnion, PAC Global, PENG, Phore, PIVX, Polis, PRiVCY, Reddcoin, Rapids, Ravencoin, StakeCubeCoin, SocialSend, Shard, Stipend, SpectrumX, Stratis,Syscoin, TRBO, VITAE, Vsync, xChainz and eXperience Points.889a2213bbd79d4e1326621203a11fa5039977ca5238d29590b0c2f721bdc602.png

Pending TX will show all pending transactions0fc5f6187fd7a90731c417d8d84879c7a6bbfe75561776ec293c9175bb902d83.png

The Download section is the library were reports, media, guides and stakes documents are stored. They are all available for PDF Downloade811d6ccda2f249b56840111bac2bec542cf4bed5d2ed15a4ae461fb2563ce55.png

The Reserve section shows the funds available in reserves or cold storage15d6795a541c9e9878201bfc6d76d79fbb50c52482d137e77b73525f7c7435d2.png

The second part of the StakeCube tutorial will explore the Exchange tab.


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Is StakeCube really the world's leading all-in-one crypto-ecosystem?

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