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Splinterlands Weekly Challenge with pirates #2 - Ahoy my Pirate Captain

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 12 Nov 2021

Last week I decided to use a pirate theme for the Elven Cutthroat SplinterlandsBattle Challenge and looks like I anticipated this week choice of monster.

This week we are invited to use the Pirate Captain, one of the most cunning and treacherous creatures in the world. The Pirates of Azmare are dangerous and the Captains are deadly, being armed with muskets and fine sharpshooting skills.


Ahoy matey! Jump on the deck and grab a weapon, and fight for your life! If you disobey the Captain, you may end up on the plank! Follow his orders and you will get a fair share of the loot, plus medical insurance and paid annual leave.


The Pirate Captain is a Common Alpha/Beta Ranged monster from the Water Splinter. It starts with 3 Health Points, 2 Speed and 1 Ranged Attack, topped with the sweet Snipe ability - targeting the monsters with ranged, magic or no attack that are not placed in the 1st position.5fd909ff71c20f6dcee9135e2adcd773.png

The Black Pearl is sailing through Hell

Line-up and battle-rules: Normal rules with 13 mana cap will result a tactical duel, where the team with a better synergy will always win.

Vara Salacia - Summoner with Snare

Serpent of Eld - Main Tank with Dodge

Pirate Captain - Ranged with Snipe

Furious Chicken - Seasick antidote


The enemy opted for a Fire Splinter team, with the healing Cerberus as the main tank, the Serpentine Spy with Opportunity behind and the Fire Beetle as the Ranged with Snipe.

My chances to win the game will grow with every attack that the Serpent of Eld will dodge, and the start is promising! The Cerberus missed the bite and the Serpent armor is intact. The Chicken was sliced and will be cooked later under a slow Fire Beetle grill.


The Cerberus was mortally injured and even with a heal/attack combo it remain vulnerable. The Serpent of Eld landed a killing blow but was unable to defend the Captain, who was ambushed by the Spy.


It's all down to random, as the Serpent of Eld is down to 1 HP and the Fire Beetle was preparing to spit his fire goo! And unexpectedly, the Gods of Random decided to stand by my side - the Beetle failed to end the battle.

No mercy - the gigantic sea serpent had no mercy! The Serpentine Spy was taken down and defeating a ranged in close combat is a guarantee! See the full battle here!



The whole dynamics of the Water Splinter is set around Magic, and Ranged monsters are not as strong as the Ranged monsters from other splinters. I usually tend to use the Pirate Captain when having a Snipe quest, and opting for the Water Splinter. The choice is based on Mana cost and the Snipe ability, very useful against support monsters or monsters with negative effect on my team. Will you join the Captain's crew?

Is not late to join Splinterlands, as this play2earn blockchain game will keep evolving and expanding, unlike Alien Worlds or RPlanet. What I like the most is the ever-changing gameplay mechanics, which avoids repetitive actions and boredom. 


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