Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets - The Equalizer And The Growing Mushroom

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 1 Mar 2024

Greetings Splinterlands Summoners! The classic weekly battle challenge retired to make way for the Battle Mage Secrets series, making it more entertaining. This new set-up adds a focus on dynamic strategies, as players will be able to choose from a greater selection of more diverse units to bring into battle.

Let's enjoy the Equalizer ruleset, where all the units on the battlefield will start with the same health, based on the highest health on either team. The buffs and debuffs are done afterward, with impact on the base health of the units.

My approach for equalized battles is simple, use more of those amazing units with one health. Using summoners or units that increase or decrease the health will add towards the winning chances, and then there are some special ability... like Life Leech or Scavenger!


The units with Scavenger will gain one health for each unit that dies during the battle, while units with Life Leech will increase their health by half the damage they will deliver.

I will usually use the Ant Miners for this type of battles, but this time I wanted to play a funguy! This little fungi is so cool that it can change the outcome of battles.

The Madcap Magus is a game-changer, with his Scattershot and Life Leech skills. He can

Only 27 mana for team selection, and the Super-Sneak battle-rule added in the mix for extra drama. All melee units will attack the monster set on the last position, so let's adapt to this. I set the Venari Marksrat there, to bless Quora with Martyr!

Lobb Lowland: -1 Speed to enemies & +1 Gladiator card

Xenith Monk: Melee tank with Heal

Madcap Magus: Caster with Scattershot and Life Leech

Quora Towershead: Melee/Caster with Heal and Bloodlust

Venari Marksrat: Ranged with Martyr


Thaddius was a good choice, as he reduced Quora's magical damage by one and the health of all my units. The overall team selection was good, but not exceptional. All units were blessed with Sneak from the battle-rule but Uraues and the Silent Sha-Vi already had this ability.

The first round was full of random attacks and general focus on the units in the last positions. The Madcap Magus was shooting like crazy, and the Xenith Monk used his healing powers to delay his demise.

It got hotter when the Venari triggered the Martyr on Quora, as she prepared for the bloodlust feast that was yet to come. Massive heal to get back to full health and all eyes on the Dhampir archer.


Let it be carnage! No.. not the symbiote, just Quora becoming the Grim Reaper! She gracefully landed both attacks, and was time for bloodlust!

The sudden stats boost was beneficial, as the enemies set the bullseye on her back. But never underestimate the power of heal... as she maintained her health at higher levels.


The Xenith Monk done the same thing as Quora, using his healing ability to stay alive! Quora's new target was more elusive, but the Silent Sha-vi fate was already decided by the gods of war.

Quora tired again at the start of the fifth round, and this time her effort granted one more dose of bloodlust! The Xenith Monk was handling well the Carrion Shade, keeping his health bar at maximal levels. Everyone was focusing to damage Quora and ignored the Madcap Magus, as the little guy kept bulking up.


Quora dodged the Arachne Thug attack and managed to heal in time, as she flexed her muscles for the endgame! Heal, spell, bloodlust... sounds simple! Quora added another name on her hitlist, as Uraeus was blasted, and bloodlust made her eyes glimmer!

No one thought that such a beautiful creature could be so deadly! Quora eliminated the Chaos Agent, dodged another attack and then healed herself to full health! Are we ignoring the 18-health mushroom or not?


It was fun to see how this battle was a one horse race! Or call it a walk in the park, through mushrooms that grow as big as horses! Quora with another deadly spell, and a final bloodlust that took her to 16 health and 15 cumulated damage. Are we still ignoring the mushroom with 19 health points? See the full battle here!


Little critters and creepy crawlers go well with equalizer! It's getting interesting when all you can select are monsters that cost 4 mana or less being available for this battle.

This asked for Obsidian, boosted magic and cheap casters! The Venari Marksrat was used as a decoy, with a mission to boost the invisible Djinn through Martyr.

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power

Hill Giant: Melee with 7 HP

Khimer Princess: Caster

Venari Spellsmith: Caster with Dispel

Elven Mystic: Caster

Djinn Biljka: Caster with Camouflage

Venari Marksrat: Ranged with Martyr


I had to face a fire team boosted with health and melee attack by Tarsa. No worries as no Ant Miners were on the field! The Hill Giant was the first to fall, and the Khimer Princess had to tank. I manage to equalize the battle after taking down the Antoid Platoon. The spell damage ignored the armor and the Shield ability.

Then it hit me! My tactic was wrong! I could have set Djinn Biljka last, because his Camouflage ability would have keep him hidden. The Venari Marksrat in front of the Djinn would have triggered Martyr and boost the caster's stats plus the adjacent Elven Mystic! School boy error!

The Venari Marksrat in the last position back-fired, as he was the last stand in my team. One little thing could have changed the whole battle ... or maybe not! This was a lesson ... every detail counts! See the full battle here!


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