Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets - Divine Shields And Double Strikes

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 25 May 2024

Greetings Splinterlands Battle Mages! Let's enjoy the Holy Protection ruleset, where all units will gain Divine Shield at the start of the battle. Divine Shield will reduce the damage of the first attack received to absolutelly zero.

The Divine Shield will be re-applied when a unit is Resurrected, and Blast damage will remove divine shield. Keep this in mind when building a team! What about the Double-Strike ability? This will defintely do some damage and shift the battle in your favor!

It's time for a true test of skill that will challenge even the most seasoned players, as strategic prowess is required to win epic matches! Join PVM on this journey into a world of intriguing and dynamic strategies.


Holy Molly... The Coastal Sentry Is Jolly! All monsters hade Divine Shield and the first attack on each makes no damage, this is why I went for an OG monster with Double-Strike. Yes, blast was good as well... but with the Coastal Sentry I can remove the holy protection and then deal damage to the same unit! 

The battle plan is to take down the tank quickly with the strikes from the Sentry and neutralize any heal or support with the sneak attacks! The Creeping Ooze will play a pivotal role, slowing down the enemies and helping my sneaky team to hit first.

Kelya Frendul: +1 Speed & +1 Armor

Coastal Sentry: Tank with Double-Strike

Pelacor Bandit: Melee with Flying and Sneak

Creeping Ooze: Support with Slow

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak


I anticipated well the enemy, and I had to take care of the healers as soon as possible. The Unicorn Mustang is a strong tank, but not having casters in my team makes the Void Armor pointless.

I slowed the opponents, and got slowed as well! My sneaky sneak set-up took and early lead after slicing and dicing the other ooze, getting the speed at maximal levels. 


The Coastal Sentry fought bravely and done what had to be done... she hit and hit around until her demise! The Pelacor Bandit took the tank role and I wasn't feeling that confident about winning the battle.

The Unicorn Mustang was healed again, the Goblin Psychic was still up and treating the injured beast, and I was running out of monsters. It was late in the battle and I didn't even remember who still has the Divine Shield up and who didn't! 


It took some sneakily sneaky moves to turn the tides of the battle in my favor, as Uraeus delivered a deadly blow on the Goblin Psychic. The Pelacor Bandit got lucky, and the Unicorn Mustang missed the attack! The Khmer Princess didn't and my flying thug was down to one health! 

The forth round started bad, and the Bandit was added to list of fallen heroes. Then merits where merits are due, and for putting Uraeus on the last position! The sneaky snake sprung into action and had a proper bite, as the Princess lost her glimmer and shine! 

The Creeping Ooze still had the Divine Shield up and stopped one attack from the Mustang, while Uraeus kept biting with those sharp fangs! The glorified horse attacked again, only to hit the Ooze armor. Another snake bite just before the Ooze got trampled under the Unicorn Mustang hooves.


It turned into a 1v1 survival of the fittest, as the Mustang got the speed above Uraeus after my Ooze was squashed. I still had a minor advantage after the Divine Shield blocked an attack, but lost it after I missed my attack.

The Unicorn destroyed the armor and I was one hit away from winning the battle... if I don't miss! Curious to see if I won? See the full battle here!


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