SnowSwap - Winter is coming... again!

SnowSwap - Winter is coming... again!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 12 Oct 2021

Snow Swap went live in October 2020 with the clear vision to help yield farmers to switch their assets into the highest yielding token at any time, without worrying about withdrawal fees, wrapping and unwrapping, or high gas fees. The project provided a healthy alternative of multiple liquidity pools for swapping between yield farming assets and yield-bearing stablecoins and different wrapped tokens. SnowSwap was not for snowflakes!


I witness the rise of $SNOW, from $1.60 per token at launch it reached an all time high of $169, on the 8th of February  2021. Today's value is far from the ATH but Snow Swap is still cool as Vanilla Ice! I can sing it as well as I am having a SnowSwap anniversary party ... Ice ... Ice Baby ... Happy Birthday Snow Swap..... 

You don't think to check SnowSwap in the middle of the Summer, when the good vibes are given by the pool, ice-cream and cold beer. I did remember about it in July, when I've done a quick tour of DeFi projects. The Frosty's Pool was still cool as ice, with 17% APY.


Last time I checked was March or April, and since then 1.12 $SNOW was earned. One day, when the gwai will be less crazy I may claim and deposit. With the earned SNOW I now have 27.85 tokens that are waiting for the winter. Listen to this ... winter is coming ... and $SNOW will be the sign!


The snow cones are ready, the ice bar is packed, and we'll have only drinks ... on the ice! The SnowSwap party will run all night ... the polar night!


Even with the ups and downs, SnowSwap will remain one of my first DeFi experience, and will always appreciate it as a project. Want to know what's in the party menu? Spoiler alert .... new swap pools, new stake pools, winter wonderland on a new chain, a brand new spanking UX and higher APY.

For a chronological story regarding SnowSwap evolution you can read "The Ultimate SnowSwap Guide: From Snowflake to Avalanche" - a selection of memes and educational content. Brace yourself .... SnowSwap is coming!


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