Sarcasm Saturday #24 - Crypto Pumps, Crypto Bros & Valentine's Day

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 4 Feb 2023

The market is giving us love! Maybe because we are approaching Valentine's Day, or just because everyone started 2023 with good vibes. I also set my new year resolutions and new goals, and I am ready to share love and sarcasm! BRING IT ON 2023!


I initially set 13 goals but since then I thought about few more and I updated the list. I still want to sell all remaining Humble Tractor NFTs and to upgrade the perks on my Plutus Card, but I also want to treat myself with a bottle of Macallan for my birthday. Why? Because Nat Tample was drinking Macallan and he is a MF maker! My choice of drink will be the Sherry Oak 12 Year Old!  

Setting goals if fun and also challenging, but it gives the power to go on! I already achieved my first target ...  to reach 100 followers on Medium. I've done the task in 21 days and I was already approved as a  to reach Medium Partner.


You know it... when you reach your goal ... set a bigger goal! I make plans and I achieve them! It helps me to have clear goals and it motivates me! This is why I want go grow my Biswap holdings and get 23,000 $BSW in my bag.. This is just realistic approach, as the true challenge is to have 30,000 tokens by the end of the year. I finished 6th in the December Space Agents Program and won 600 BSW tokens, an important boost towards the set target. 


It's time to achieve the unachievable and go beast mode! I am confident that this year will be a great year for DeFi, cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions, and this is why I am going bullish on Biswap. This is why I voted for the reduction of $BSW emissions and tokenomics that will increase the token's value through positive growth dynamics. If implemented, it will be reduced from 16 to 15 tokens per block with 12 960 000 emission per month. 


Let's share friendship, love and bromance this February! Do you know what IDK, LY and TTYL means? I don't know either but Love You P0x Bro! Will talk to you later! Meanwhile make sure you keep up the good work and keep earning sweet AMPL, ETH and SPOT! 


Who's a good boy? SPOT is a good boy! SPOT is such a good boy that sneaked into the P0x balance of 27 P0x Bros that participated in the SPOT the meme competition. The Meme Lords shared $500 worth of SPOT and I was one of the dudes that got $20 for my stuff! I checked all the winner and I seen so many hilarious memes! Well done to everyone! 


The market had lot of green and many cryptocurrencies pumped up nicely. I still think is a bear trap as this growth has no justification. I am sure that this is just a New Year euphoria and soon we will see the market correction. I don't really care as my holdings are low, and my profits are as WOW as the price of gift wrap and Christmas crackers after the festive season. 


However, I am marching trough 2023 like a champion. I am ignoring all the bad things that happen last year. I forgot about all the scams, hacks and bankruptcies and I am enjoying the crypto spring. It looks like we are less then usually so I assume the paper hands are gone. Love ya crypto bros!


Did the positive market influenced my screen time? Not really! I kept grinding and hustling, doing my crypto routine and creating content. I was more active in DAO stuff on Discord and somehow spent 7 hours on Telegram. I blame Thomas for that as he is always online and in chat mode.


Please note that the above is mobile phone screen time, and few more hours on the laptop will round up the figures to a more sedentary lifestyle. I don't know why sometimes I feel stiff or why does my back hurt but I am telling you that the shrimp is mirroring perfectly the way I spend my time at the desk.


Want to know some boring stuff that no one cares? Last year I picked up 497 portions of fruits and vegetables. They are split quite even and this mean I probably had a fruit or a vegetable each day of 2022. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and a bottle of ale will keep Sam Bankman in jail!


Day traders and the charts guys were enjoying the green candles and stuff, while I was happy to sell my APTOS at 8 dollars. I bought it at 4 so I cashed out for 2x money! It went to 13 dollars after I sold, and it looks like the chain will keep pumping. 


Approximately 99% of my content is about crypto, probably split even between how I earned money and how I lost money. Do you want to know if I keep my money in my bank, at home or in decentralized finance? I keep my money in my memories ... because I kept it on CEX like Celsius and Holdnaut. 


I am smashing it in the Metaverse, and got the Ready Player Me avatar for free. Another cool collaboration from Unstoppable Domains, with an avatar that can be used cross-chain and cross-games. I added my standard profile picture but the AI made me much younger and slimmer ... and in Paris!


When I was little I started learning other languages, mainly by watching cartoons on TV. I learned Italian from Rai Uno and English from the Hollywood movies. The slang came from MTV shows like Beavis and Butt-Head. Learning "American" English made me sound funny to British people, like using trash instead of rubbish or trunk instead of boot. 

My Eastern European accent makes me use beddings instead of sheet or seaside instead of beach! Don't want to be rude and say that the duvet is shit and Brighton is a bitch! However, it's much easier in writing as autocorrect and recently AI is doing the job for us. My teacher was right and I am eternally grapefruit.


Some may say 2020 was the worst year ever, with Covid-19, travel restrictions and countless lockdowns. Some may say that 1349 or 1989, while I think 2022 was by far the worst year in my life. Will we miss 2020 once this living crisis and financial issues will affect the world? Will the machines take over and devices will control our live? Well... it already happened!


Wrote a two-parts 2022 review, sharing my downfall and bounce-back. You must walk through Hell to understand the Paradise!. I spent $1320 on two pegaxy and now they are valued at $5 each now. I lost with LUNA, Holdnaut, BlockFi, Infinity Skies and many more but I am still coping. I am doing well! Everything is alright!


I somehow survived a cursed 2022, dusted myself and took on board just the positive things and achievements. Minted my Humble Tractors, done some NFT collaborations with top artists on WAX and done many charitable events! The Bright Side of 2022 prepared me for Beast Mode 2023!


NEVER STOP DREAMING!  Never give up and never ever stop walking. A winner is just a loser that didn't give up! There's no glory without the struggle and is no success without constantly pushing yourself. 


Back in my days, my family was giving me money for Christmas and my birthday! Every gift was doubled by "make sure you save the money" and other financial advices about the future. I can say that the future is not how they imagined! 


Mental health is a global issues and I admit I struggle sometimes. Sarcasm, laughing and admitting you have an issue are some ways to overcome depression and anxiety ... and writing 24 episodes of Sarcasm Saturday may give you some hints about how instable I am. 


Overline Network announced the launch of their own blockchain, with airdrops for those who spent oCash before the snapshot. You can still claim the free NFTs and get oCash daily, while earning 20% of whatever your referrals buy for life. To spice things up... you can now auction the ornaments and stuff you build on your lands. Chasing referrals is fun even when old fans say it's not! 


That's all for this week dear Crypto Bros ... take care and share some love in February! If you want to surprise your partner... buy him/her a crypto toy! This one can say over 20 sentences and comes with the Bitcoin whitepaper, drugs and even a cold wallet.


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