Saga Announced Power Level Over 9000 But I Went On (A) Stride

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 15 Jun 2024

Saga is a platform solution that automates the launching of dedicated blockspace, such as Cosmos appchains, Celestia Rollups, Polygon CDK chains and Avalanche Subnets. The exploration started and the journey took me on unknown paths! 

I was eligible for 1050 $SAGA tokens, ticking the boxes for the Polygon and Celestia loyalty campaign. I've completed the $TIA tokenholder first and got 50 tokens allocation, and then got surprised when I've seen I will be getting one thousand more for being a $MATIC staker. I am staking them since 2021 and probably got an insane multiplier! 

The distribution followed and my slice of the cake was $7516. I decided to HODL and stake, as the Saga vision and roadmap will bring a cascade of other airdrops. Seeing the value going down by five thousands makes me wonder if I've done the right choice!


The Saga “Power-Level Over 9000” Airdrop campaign will reward $SAGA stakers post-mainnet launch. The first snapshot was taken in April and the claim period was only one week... so I forgot to claim! 

The strategy is simple and efficient! Saga will use airdrops as a tool for community growth and platform promotion, as the campaign will distribute various project tokens and NFTs to $SAGA stakers through "vaults" over several months. Sounds like a top plan for genuine growth! 

The eligibility for airdrops requires staking $SAGA, with periodic snapshots determining eligibility for each drop. Specific stake tiering criteria will be established in partnership with participating projects, so volume or period of time may come handy and bring some multipliers. 

There are over 100 projects and games collaborating for the campaign, with a significant contribution from Saga's Chainlets. The chainlets are are gaming entities with their tokens and NFT collections. This whole idea wants to set a new standard for rewarding community engagement through staking.

The partners span diverse ecosystems, including Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Polygon, and Avalanche. This could be huge! Hopefully the claim periods will be longer, or the rewards will be sent straight to our wallets! LFG crypto bros! 


Got the genesis $SAGA drop and staked all, but what else can be done? What crypto opportunities are there in the wild? This is how I discovered Stride, and liquid staking for IBC blockchains. You can get $STRD airdrop by liquid staking the airdropped $SAGA and holding $stSAGA! 2024 is insane... an airdrop inside an airdrop!

How it works?  An 100-day airdrop of 50,000 $STRD for $stSAGA holders was created, and daily pro-rota allocations are snapshotted daily. A total of 500 $STRD are allocated per day, and the full airdrop becomes claimable on the 1st of September 1st, 2024. This one has a three-month deadline for claims, which is how things should be done! Learn from this Saga! 

Where you can get $stSAGA? On the official Stride staking page! You can remove it from staking at any time and the airdrop is based on the amount held and on how many days the $stSAGA was held. A much better way than the points system! 


Holding $stSAGA on any Cosmos chain or within any Cosmos DeFi application, without restrictions, makes you eligible for $STRD airdrops. You can also stake $TIA and $DYM for even more $STRD! Unlike $stTIA and $stDYM, there is no limitation on where you can hold your $stSAGA! 

This is a double dip strategy as $stSAGA also brings yield, and the 27% APY is quite good. On top of yield farming, the holders slowly build up towards the $STRD airdrop allocation. DeFi evolved a lot since the summer of 2020! 

I initially staked 2 $SAGA, which I farmed in the first days after the airdrop. The APY was high and the farming was much better than now. The amount is small but at least the period of time will bring some multipliers. The plan was to add monthly, when I am doing my harvesting rounds on Cosmos!


Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to participate in this exciting opportunity to earn $SAGA tokens and partner airdrops. We look forward to sharing this journey with our community and rewarding those who have been with us every step of the way. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Saga.

The Vault Two Snapshot was taken and I am now checking the claim page on a daily basis! Don't want to miss another airdrop! Patiently waiting for "coming soon" to change into "claim"! Then I will pump even more into stSAGA and increase my $STRIDE rewards! WAGMI! 


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