Tribal Books - The NFT card game that will storm the world

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 3 Dec 2020

I stopped playing World of Warcraft after more than 10 years, left Hattrick after nearly 20 years and lost my interest in FIFA, Red Alert and any other type of game. I currently playing only Hearthstone and I have some achievements to share but I don't have time to brag about my gaming skills.54303c1f0ac2e92f4a8eb5166de1330fecc25e63cbf7637374ba387ff863e785.jpeg

The interest in  NFTs and NFT games is growing like wildfire and I will blame my brother if I get addicted by Tribal Books. He is the one who told me about this brand new, spanking and unique NFT game that will evolve the cards game. He shared the link for "The Quest", where cards can be won for completing tasks and looking for hints to discover secret codes. But this will be covered later on.ca3ee9eb412ab2b21910a1e2530a6a994ce936934a01bbddce823d77b2e3d06e.jpeg

Tribal Books is an online digital collectible NFT card game, free to play for everyone. The players will compete using cards and magic forces, as a turn base duel. The cards will be combined in a deck before the PvP battle. The NFT cards and a good strategy will decide the winner.8a30c387eb5fbdaddda5986de597e4b99242d046c08c8908ab46dafd706e0ddc.jpeg

The quest I was talking about was a mix of tasks and Sherlock Holmes mambo-jumbo which will be rewarded with great prizes: 5 of the rarest mythical Atlantis Books of Forces and 20 legendary Atlantis Books. Seven secret codes where hidden in the Tribal Books social media channels, videos and website, and each code added more entries. f14f75c3d9eae6ff479f653a370ca38091ddc411800985ee1515429e28f87351.jpeg

As usual, many users tried to take shortcuts, and as every giveaway, the Tribal Books quest was assaulted by duplicate accounts and all the usual stuff related to free stuff. The Tribal Books team had to modify the terms of the giveaway due to those adding wrong codes or getting the codes from external sources. And OMG... the telegram group gone crazy ... "Sir where is my NFT?", "Me no cheat! Where is my prize?", "Hello Sir! I had all codes but no card", etc.

The correct codes where

  • It’s written on the wood. INGOLDWETRUST
  • Listen to the birds chirping! 42
  • Look for it in the darkness! ARCANA
  • Search in the fire! PRIESTESS
  • Look for it near the water! SHAMAN
  • Solve the puzzle 14.8
  • Let the Symbols guide you! ARTIFACT

Cards ... my cards     

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by... therefore I received my 3 Tribal Books NFTs.

To the quest reward I added a booster pack so now I am looking forward to play the game once is out. 22aeb7c8175cbc0f71cc2dd07d9db50fcba6096af6237cdef8057d78c3356279.jpeg

The deck will be created from the cards a user owns. The cards can be common, rare, unique, epic, legendary and mythic. To use a specific card, the player burns energy points equal to the card cost. 

Common cards are ... common.  The cards are recognized by a grey frame. My common cards are: Jumbo Anthill, Cozy Wigwams, Two Ways Arrow, Sole Destination, Plow of the Sower and War-Horn.d25825d70ff4d31b1372b03024db326291759e4318c53a1afaf1b7ed269c514c.jpeg






Rare cards are above Common, and are recognized by a brown frame.  The rare cards will allow the player to develop a sophisticated battle strategy. My rare cards are: Adinkra King, Foreseeing Eyes, Tears of Palefaces and Spiritual Portal.f5bc11f617036db44b568dead8bc482ec6363e852842b17e328db27aaec22c1a.jpeg




Unique cards are in the middle of the rankings and are recognized by a blue frame. The drop rate is lower than Common or Rare cards and allows the player to expand the battle strategy. My unique cards are: Race of the Wolf and Friend's Arrow. 0043f24457a482d96b6335c077f93a7aeee27bf7651d5aafee3c8ee738f1e3fd.jpeg


Epic cards can be recognized by a purple frame and allow players to create complex moves. Blooming Path is my epic card.54a730acf341f3fb7f265820e541bbfc70be0cb1ad88ca24f8566acb11b45664.jpeg

Legendary is the second-highest level of rarity below Mythical and can be recognized by a yellow frame. The drop rate is very low and this type of cards provide can provide winning moves to the player.

Mythic cards have the highest level of rarity, recognized by a red and black frame. They have the lowest drop rate and can provide the most powerful and unexpected moves.

Did you hear the call of your tribe?

The ancient symbols packs will be burned and lost forever! Its the last chance for players to get unique and limited edition NFT's!

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