Remarkable Splinterlands Moments - Born Again While Opening 100 Packs

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 8 Feb 2024

My journey to open 100 Splinterlands packs started in March 2021, and 21 months later I am close to seal the deal! I used the marketplace to buy cards for upgrades, but the main plan always been to unwrap packs and reach this challenging goal! I got lucky after I found a guild and started to do brawls... as the Gladius Cases helped me in this journey! 

Why I think opening 100 packs is remarkable? Because I didn't crafted anything extraordinary within the Splinterlands realm! I am just a casual player and to earn and open 100 packs was like claiming Mount Everest! I started at basecamp and made my way to the summit! 

Every climb is difficult, and this is why some will stop half-way or "die" trying. Let me tell you that PVM never gives up, maybe sometimes just doing tasks in sloth mode! After two years I am here... expecting a standing ovation... or at least sarcastically claps! Ladies and gentelman... I opened the last ten packs and reached the goal! 

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I fought countless battles, lost hundreds of duels, grinded and worked hard but I made it! Every journey and every success is easier with friends, and I am grateful for all the support I've got from the Splinterlands community! Yes battle mage... you as well! 

What help? I learned by reading other articles, and I learned by fighting and losing. I got better with the cards I've got from my brother... thanks bro! I earned by sharing my battles in social media and battle mage challenges, and I've got helped to reach my goal even with packs!

A special thanks to mercurial9 who pushed me pass the finish line! He sent me five Chaos Legion packs and half of this article is thanks to him! Much appreciated fren' and hope don't mind the spotlights! 


Everyone knows how badly the Splinterlands were shaken as after the Chaos Legion cards were added, and soon the Rebellion set will change the battle dynamics... again! Everything will change! I wanted to lower the difference between OG players by gathering the new Chaos Legion cards, and improve my gameplay by upgrading them as high as possible.

This was my opportunity to lower the gap between me and the early players... this was my time to to something remarkable and improve both my deck and my gameplay! Let's unwrap some packs and enjoy the random cards! 

Pack 91: The Antoid Platoon and the Deeplurker as cards that I often use, same with the Regal peryton and Kelya Frendul. Not the same could be said about the epic Wave Brood, as this is a new entry in my deck! 

The corrupted water elemental twisted by the Chaos Legion is used in naval warfare, sinking ships and guarding the Legion's fleets and forces. This hulking creature is the top tank for the battles where only rangers can be used, with Taunt and Close-Range added to those twelve health points.


Pack 92: Those Venari are getting out of their burrows! Got a Scout and a Spellsmith in this this pack, plus a top-up card for the Mycelic Slipspawn leveling! This cards are showing up in pairs, as the other two were a radiated combo... the Brute and the Scorcher! 


Pack 93: It started as a boring pack but it end up with two rare cards and a golden foil. I am using the Time Mage and Regal Peryton in my battles, so each extra card is welcome. The Scavo Hireling was just a teaser... before the golden foil Chemist was unwrapped! Shiny card for those Noxious Fumes battles! 


Pack 94: This are the ones that I've received from mercurial9 and I must say the drop was above average! Another Scavo, the Firebolt this time, and the Xenith Archer that I was missing to upgrade this card to level two! Few more Chaos Agents and this will lead to another upgrade! 


Pack 95: It looks like the cards in the packs are coming on demand. I still needed two Xenith Monks for a level two upgrade and one dropped here. When the Monk gets to level two... will be able to heal himself... and will be a top card in the last position in Earthquake or Noxious Fumes battles.


Pack 96: One Tenyii Stiker before, another one now! Fire Splinter as my top choice, and this card makes it in the team for 99% of scenarios. The rest were dull and boring.... but it's not always Christmas! 


Pack 97: I was grinding to upgrade the Chaos Agent to level two... but no need for that after the gold foil was found in this pack. The River Nymph and the Djinn Apprentice made the draw even sweeter, and made me buzz as I was fast approaching the final target! 


Pack 98: Wave Brood again... can I dream at leveling this tsunami to level two? Why not! Poetical justice with the Blinging Reflector, as his power is even bigger in gold foil. Shiny and bright... with even more reflection skills! 


I had to finish this before March, and avoid going into the third year of chasing a wild dream. I hit the market and sold some stuff, swapped others and made enough to buy two packs! I was thankful that the pack price dipped a lot since the early days, and I could finally close the chapter. 

Sent both packs in-game and I must admit I've got excited! The long wait ... the quest for the Holy Grail... my personal challenge ... will be soon over! Let's go Battle Mages ... let's see what the gods of random prepared for me! 


Pack 99: Guess what the gods of random prepared? Nothing special! A rare Merdaali Guardian that I rarely use and four common cards. I was hoping that pack 100 will be special... I was dreaming about one legendary monster! 


Pack 100: I dragged this last one in slow-motion, while I was saying "Legendary... Legendary... Legendary" in my head! Common.... next one rare... then two more common cards. I moved the mouse on top of the last one and I seen it shake.... and not legendary! 

But I wasn't upset... as the Magi of Chaos was a new addition to my deck! This 6-mana neutral card can be added and improve many tactics through his versatility. For hundreds of years the Magi met and studied in secret, gathering ancient artifacts and scraps of forbidden knowledge. As the convergence grew close they plied the void for its treasures and listened furtively to the voices in the dark to make way for the coming of the Lord of Chaos. Once the way was opened and doom poured from the sky they rose from their hidden places to claim the promise of power from their dark masters.


Took me two years to open 100 packs... but now I feel born again! The pressure is off and I can enjoy the battles without any target that needs to be acheived! Wanna see a Born-Again battle? Or you want to see a battle where I used to gladiator cards? Why not both?

I dived into a battle that had both Born-Again and the Are-You Not Entertained? battle rules, giving the rebirth ability to all ... including that extra gladiator card. The 49 mana pool was generous so I went for two gladiators after using Franz Ruffmane as summoner.

Goblin Mech: Melee tank with Piercing

Marisol Contuma: Melee with Reach

Djinn Renova: Caster with Strengthen

Sola Ranjell: Caster with Tank Heal

War Pegasus: Ranged with Flying and Shatter

Pelacor Arbalest: Ranged with Double-Strike


The main focus was on dealing damage quick and making sure my units are being one step ahead. Djinn Renova boosted everyone's health, and the War Pegasus was ready to shatter that armor that could make the battle longer.

The easily enraged Drybone Barbarian can create havoc, so he had to be taken down fast. The Shieldbearer job was to make my job difficult, attracting a fair share of the damage. Another issue that needed immediate attention was the ranged threat from the archers, with a damage boost from General Sloan.

It started badly, with Marisol enraging the Drybone Barbarian, which had a deadly blow on the armorless Goblin Mech. The Goblin was "born-again" and watched as my War Pegasus shattered the Shieldbearer's shield. Then the Drybone got healed... but so did the Mech. Round one ended without any causalities, as all twelve monsters where somehow alive.

Not the same thing can be said about round two, as the Goblin Mech died... again. In return I eliminated the Shieldbearer, and Sola Ranjell took care of the resurrected tank. She tasted the sweet bloodlust and enhanced both her beauty and powers! 


This battle was far from over! Thankfully Marisol was the faster horseman on the battleground, and her blow sent the Drybone Barbarian in the graves! He came back in zombie form but Sola Ranjell's binding light eliminated the threat! Both my gladiators took a bloodlust pill, and helped each other with a heal and a hug!

Marisol lived to fight another round when the opponent's Pelacor Arbalest missed his second arrow. My own Pelacor Arbalest wasn't more precise, missing both tries on the War Pegasus. 

Sola added another trophy on her kill-list, while Marisol couldn't avoid those arbalest's arrows! She came back to life as bright as the sun, galloping towards the Time Mage. Marisol turned into executioner and tasted that sweet bloodlust again. She even got out of the danger zone after Sola's heal raised her health to a decent level.

Sola transformed into a sniper, as her magical power was high enough to one-shot anyone on the battlefield. The Venari Crystalsmith made no exception, turned into dust from a magic arrow! See the full battle here!


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