Pegaxy Rejuvenation - New Prize Pools and Superior Fusing

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 26 Apr 2022

I started to play Pegaxy in January and I thought I discovered the Play2Earn game of 2022. I invested 1720 USD  to buy two rare virgin pega and made achieved ROI in the next 14 days. The price of VIS was $0.04 and the price per PGX was $0.24, and it feels like this happened eons ago! It all gone downhill since then and the Pega Fusion was added as a $VIS burn mechanism and a rejuvenation of the game.


The Pega Fusion allows the players two burn any two pega of the same level for a superior one. The price is paid in both VIS and PGX, burning tokens in a quest to make the tokens dip any further. As we speak, VIS dropped to .... and PGX as low as ....


The initial costs were cut down, as the community complained about the high cost of fusing. Two pacers will be burned to obtain a rare pega, after paying 8,000 VIS and 30 PGX tokens. Two rare pega can be fused for 16,000 VIS and 30 PGX, to obtain a fresh epic horse. Only the PGX price for fusing a legendary was reduced, from 240 to 30, while the VIS price was kept at 32,000 tokens.


The prize pools where changed again, as the initial amounts were an absolute joke. The pacer pool was reduced to 45 VIS, only to be raised at 70. The new prize pools were raised at 210 VIS for Rare, 570 VIS for Epic and to an amazing 1550 VIS for Founders and Legendry. At this point is not worth it to race paces and the only solution is the fuse them for hopefully better ones. 


The breed counts were also reduced, as it follows:

  • Pacer x 2 = Rare with 2/7 (down from 4/7)
  • Rare x 2 = Epic with 3/7 (down from 5/7)
  • Epic x 2 = Legendary with 4/7 (down from 6/7)

The new counts are positive, giving a chance for breeding to the players. Was no point to fuse for racing only, as the old breed count made the breeding of fused pega too expensive.


I was lucky to take advantage of the Pegaxy DeFi and farmed $VIS and $PGX Yield on Kyber Swap.  The power farming at over 500% APY bulked up my PGX stash, earning $970 worth of PGX and Kyber ($KNC). I sold the KNC for Matic to afford the countless transactions and used the PGX for perpetual breeding.


I was also inspired and sold some of the rewards when VIS reached $0.20, making sure I recovered the investment. The rest is history, while the breeding is history in the making. This is my latest breed ... Sunny! This shiny pega will bring sunshine to his parents, PVM and Honey Bunny! 


Another fine horse is Club1BCH | Club Cats ... remember this name! This pacer has some sleek moves, keeping the win rate at 45%! 


If some have outstanding win rate, others struggle to keep it above 10%. This is why fusing season will start soon enough! Currently waiting to claim the rewards and then I will start burning the pega with the lowest success rate.


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