Pegaxy - Building a Metaverse stable from two horses

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 12 May 2022

You started thinking at the way Pegaxy is crushing even before you started reading this article. You are thinking "WTF dude ... Pegaxy is going to hell!" but that's fine. I think, hope (and looking at the new changes) that Pegaxy will survive. 


The Pegaxy Rejuvenation started with the superior fusing and with bigger prize pools for superior horses. I started fusing the weaklings' and the pega with low stats, hoping the create strong champions. However, the story started with 2 rare pega - Clover and Elesana.


Paid a fortune for them, considering the current pega prices. I spent $860 on each, mostly because they were virgin pega, a decent price few months ago. They had stats... they were ready for glory! 


I recovered the investment after only 2 weeks, and started breeding them like crazy. I wanted to have my family on the blockchain, and named my first set of pega aftet them. 


Doubled the stables after one week, Oscar the Amazing and Dennis the Brave joining the Pegaxy Metaverse. Rented them in Chad's Racing Guild and used them for further breeding. 


Days later and Raluca the Divine joined PVM's Clan. I am looking at the dashboard and I can notice so many changes from the below screenshot to today's layout and buttons.


Paul the Legendary was born, a magnificent stud with amazing track records. This pega won gold on his first race, 105 VIS out of 175 in the prize pool. This was happening long time ago, when only 12 horses where racing in the Metaverse Stadions. 


I decided to stop breeding at 30 pega, mainly because the amount of male horses was much bigger than the females. It was more expensive to breed then to buy, and with the meteoric fall in value was no point to expand anymore. I was struggling to find scholars and I had to accept that the game is not attractive anymore. At least I have enough horses to create a small army of mercenaries! Fusing may be the solution!


Until next time... keep watching this chart! I call it ... the path to Hell! Give a coin to Charon for safe passage! 


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