Nibiru Chain And The Proof of Humanity Verification

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 18 Mar 2024

Nibiru started as decentralized platform, proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, and member of the family of interconnected blockchains that comprise the Cosmos Ecosystem. 

In February 2024, Nibiru held a community sale with CoinList, raising $6 million USD. After the community sale, Nibiru started its X airdrop campaign, enhancing its visibility in the space. As Nibiru gear’s up for an exciting year ahead, and eagerly anticipating new developments on the horizon, a gamified chance to earn and claim rewards was launched!

Not sure if I can consider my interaction good enough, as I came across the airdrop campaign a bit too late. I've played catch-up with the tasks, completed the Gleam campaign as well, and managed to raise 30,000 estimated Nibi points. I still had 38,000 points in tasks that were waiting for verification, but not sure if they made the deadline or not.


Over the past year, Nibiru chain has launched several initiatives to boost community engagement and attract new users and builders to the ecosystem, with testnet bounties and an exciting X campaign!

The Nibiru X Airdrop took place in February, with over 500,000 participants! If you completed the X Airdrop you must complete a series of things to be able to claim. Please note that the verification deadline is set for the 21st of March so let's go through what needs to be done.

Are you a fan of KYC? You will have to complete the Proof of Humanity Verification. This includes linking your on-chain identity (Nibiru address) to a verified account. You must obtain two Discord roles before you can proceed with the claims process. Ensure you're using the correct Twitter account and Nibi address that were used to participate in the Nibiru X campaign.


Airdrop Claim And Verification Process

  1. Link your Nibiru wallet and Twitter (opens new window)
  2. Link your Nibiru wallet with Discord (opens new window)
  3. Verify the Linked Discord Account: LikelyHuman Role (take a selfie) and SeeminglyHuman Role (correctly answer a series of questions)

There are 15,000,000 $NIBI allocated for this campaign, with 50% of them unlocking at claim and the rest on a 2-month linear vesting. Users have until 21st of March to complete Know Your Human (KYH) verification, and those who do not complete before the deadline will be disqualified.

Are you ready for verification? Let's obtain the "Likely Human" role on Discord! Please note that once the biometric scan is complete, you won't be able to unbind or change your Discord account.

Click on Nibiru Chain and select "Linked Roles" to start. The bot will load the selfie camera and once done you will wait for the "Uploading Encrypted 3D FaceScan" to finish. Once you’ve completed verification, you will see the Pepe emote next to your Discord handle. 

No description available.

However, I completed the verification and nothing happened! No role given even if it said it was completed! I wanted to ask for help on general chat but a 15 minutes timer was added. I seen lot of people complaining about MODs, as they got rude because people are asking questions. Wait a minute? Aren't moderators supposed to answer questions?

I moved to part two, and tried to obtain the "Seemingly Human" role. I clicked on "Channels and Roles" and answered a question about toes. TBH... all answers were absolutely silly and a bot had a 25% chance to get it right... same as a human had a 50% - 50% chance to get it wrong! 

At least both roles appeared after I completed the silly toes questions and now I am verified. So yes... once you have both the Likely Human and Seemingly Human Discord roles... your verification is complete!

No description available.

The claim page ( can be accessed after obtaining both roles. Twitter account, Nibi Address and Discord must be linked for the "claim tokens" button to become available (after the 21st of March). 

Small amounts of NIBI, for gas, will be distributed to wallets that have successfully completed KYC, and linked their accounts to the airdrops page. Users will have a six-month period to claim their rewards, and any unclaimed rewards that will expire will be used for future community initiatives.

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