NFT salad: Alien Worlds, CryptoMonkeys, Doctor Who, RaccoonBrand and Upland

NFT salad: Alien Worlds, CryptoMonkeys, Doctor Who, RaccoonBrand and Upland

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 8 Mar 2021

No better way to start the Monday with a mixed bowl of NFTs Salad! Homeschooling complete... and face2face school re-started today. Finally I don't have to share my laptop with a 5-years old. Time to start writing and bring my articles to the standards they had before the lockdown. 

I just installed TokenHead and man ... what an amazing app. I can see all my NFTs in one place, see an estimated value and check which ones I am missing from my collection. Is no surprise that Roberto's Periodic Table and the CryptomonKeys collections are the most valuable, as they are the ones I like the most. Love my Alpacas as well and I want more of them!


A lot happened in the NFT World lately, but I think the most groundbreaking event was the NFT entry in the music industry. Kings of Leon will be releasing their 8th Album, 'When You See Yourself', in NFT format for a limited period after which no further NFT copies will be minted/sold. Read more about the NFT Revolution in Mynima's article. 


I was so disappointed by the greedy pig from RPlanted that I started to sell my farmed aether for WAX which I will use to buy some fancy NFTs or to stake it. I sold my first batch and got 60 WAX, worth over 6 dollars, which I used to buy cheap Splinterland cards and to upgrade my mining tools on Alien Wars. If you want to know how to sell aether for WAX, check the guide by TrocProcLock !


Doctor Who Worlds Apart 

I really like Doctor Who Worlds Apart and having their NFTs minted on Ethereum Chain gives them a higher value. Three types of packs (Tardis, Exclusive and Premium) are gone forever and the The Time Lord President pack was added on the 1st of March, containing 10 cards with Time Lord President frames. 


I now opened 4 packs and holding 6 more unwrapped. I log in every day for my pandaks, and plan to keep them until I will have enough to buy a Time Lord President pack. Pandaks are free tokens that can be used to buy packs. Details about how to earn free pandaks and get free packs in the "BBC enters the NFT Arena: Doctor Who Worlds Apart" article. Happy to have Davros, the Legendary Dalek, in my collection.


In the 4th pack I unwrapped my second legendary, another fancy companion. Missy, The Master, is the second legendary added in my collection. If I keep unpacking packs and getting legendries, I may start watching Doctor Who.



My newest addition in my NFT collection is RaccoonBrand. This lovely creatures made me smile and now I want to collect more and more. The RacconBrand Twitter account shares a lot of NFTs through giveaways. Even if the brand is huge, with 23,000 followers on Twitter, is very sociable and friendly, answering to tweets and messages.


My new interest in RaccoonBrand made me have a look at their website and let me tell you that the wallets are so cool and all the NFTs can be found on T-shirts. Have a look and have some fun with this lovely "trash pandas"



I upgraded my mining tools and the improvement is so obvious that makes me wonder why I didn't do this from the beginning. The mining time got bigger, to 1 hour and 10 minutes from 10 minutes, but the mined TLM raised up to 15 per mining attempt from 0.8 - 1 TLM gathered before the upgrade. The main advantage is that I don't need to log and mine so often, which improves the efficiency. The chances for receiving a NFT with the mining attempt also improved and now I hope to "dig" some good ones to use in my future giveaway.



I keep mining on Planet Neri, on CryptomonKeys lands. Until now I received a NFT every week and I hope that with the mining tools upgrade I will advance through the rankings and get better/more NFTs. I love my Banano related collection and at the moment is one of the most valuable assets I hold.



Great game with great social interaction. As an extra, I won $40 worth of Ethereum in the Publish0x Upland writing competition. Upland... UpLlama... Thumbs Up! was awarded the second place in the competition and you can already see my updated trophy cabinet.  Moving back to Upland, this weekend event let the users with Uplander status and above to build on their properties.


Since last time I wrote about Upland, my number of properties grew and the UPX income got better. I managed to build a structure on all of my properties and now I will wait and see if I will get any rewards when the event will conclude.


After more 1500 giveaways on Twitter (not joking... I really participated at so many) I finally won something meaningful. I won the Tramp Flowers NFT which is worth 0.2 ETH ($334.14) on Rarible. I am grateful to Dayman for his amazing giveaways and the wonderful creations. Have a look at the guy because he is awesome.


Meanwhile, I had enough CoinGecko candies for my SWAG Pack and was a long wait until the stock was updated. Finally I order it, and I am looking forward for the delivery. Is estimated between 30 and 60 days to arrive so my CoinGecko T-Shirt will be ready for my summer body!


Totally off-topic, but I will taunt ElonMusk until he will answer me back (or block me!). Let's see what will happen first.



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