NFT Breaking News #4 - Bitcoin Cash the Reliable

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 30 Apr 2021

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Binance announced that the Bitcoin NFT Marketplace will be launched in June 2021. The marketplace will be created to accommodate the need of artists and NFT creators. The new market will create synergy between creators and NFT enthusiasts, with BSC lowest fees. The Binance NFT Market will share the same account as Binance, creating easy access for existing members.

The Happy Crypto Family by Coinsteps

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Bitcoin Cash the Reliable is out! The 5th member of the Happy Crypto Family can be obtained by commenting on this article or alternatively on the readcash side of the giveaway

It's 2033 and the Bitcoin Cash prediction was correct. The gypsy fortune-teller was right and "someone" called BCH made me happy! I am relaxing on the sea shore after another hot day in Bahamas.


While enjoying the hot sand and a Cuba Libre, I noticed a floating object in the sea. I took a dive in the turquoise waters and reached it. It was a bottle and had a letter inside. I took the paper out and started reading! I noticed it was signed by Coinsteps and was dated many years ago, in April 2021. The sole purpose of the letter was to spread awareness about the most reliable member of the Happy Crypto Family - Bitcoin Cash!

Greetings and salutations Crypto Friends,

We hope you are enjoying the new addition to your collection, Cardano the Poet, and thank you very much once more for the outstanding support! The level of participants was unprecedented this time, truly humbling. 

Furthermore, previous week we have been interviewed by Crackers at Meet the Artist and have released our first special promo NFT, Bitcoin Illustrator” with a max supply of 100. The giveaway is expiring today so feel free to drop a comment with your .wam on Crackers interview with the Artist behind Happy Crypto Family


So Friday today folks and we are back for our usual appointment!

If you are new here well then welcome! Allow us to introduce our selves! We are a bunch of friends that share the same enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and eye-pleasing staff. We released our first NFT collection, the Happy Crypto Family, to celebrate with the rest of the world our passion for crypto.

The Happy Crypto Family NFT project is a series that celebrates cryptocurrencies in the cutest way possible. Expect to see many different cryptos, potentially your favourite ones as well, people that have influenced the industry, plus events that shook the exciting world of decentralized finance. We are confident that the end result will be worth the wait!

Previous time we asked if you could make a guess and after a hint we gave away, successfully plenty of you got it right! Today we are featuring, Bitcoin Cash the Reliable.

Look at this guy! So young and curious, with sparkling eyes full of brimming potential! Bitcoin Cash was created in August 2017 from a hard fork of Bitcoin. The birth of the coin is a result of a huge debate over the block size Bitcoin should inherit.

In reality Bitcoin was meant to be a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was used for everyday normal transactions. However, over the years as it gained attention and its price surged upwards, Bitcoin became more of an investment asset instead of a currency. The increased number of transactions caused serious scalability issues at it’s blockchain. The situation demanded a solution. Thus two parties arose proposing a way to end the problem.

On one side we had the big blockers solution that suggested to just increase the block size to confirm a bigger number of transactions. On the other side, adamantly opposing them, was the small blockers solution, that rooted for maintaining the current block size but optimizing handling and transactions size. Both solutions came with their advantages and disadvantages that each side put into consideration. This argument went on for some time and reached it’s peak in 2017. During that time Bitcoin was making its first steps towards 4 digit numbers and the issue of scalability was escalating faster. In the end it was left to the people to choose which solution they preferred the best leading to a hard fork. 

The story of Bitcoin Cash is a tribute to decentralisation's true promise. It showed us how unbiased the system is and how no single party can dictate the course of history.


The giveaway to acquire the Happy Crypto Family's Family's fifth card, Bitcoin Cash the Reliable, for free is quite special this time. What do I mean by special? It will run in conjunction with The max supply of this NFT will be 210 and 80 will be awarded through this giveaway.

The first 20 who will comment their .wam address on this article: The Unbiased Solution - Bitcoin Cash the Reliable will be awarded one BCH NFT. However, dropping your .wam and tagging a friend in this article will also make you eligible for the lucky draw.

Furthermore, the first 25 who will comment on the readcash giveaway will also be awarded a Bitcoin Cash the Reliable card. Tagging a friend a mandatory criteria for being awarded the free NFT.

Additionally, the rest of the addresses combined from both platforms, will enter in the lucky draw for a chance to win the remaining 35 NFTs allocated for distribution ! The giveaway will expire on Wednesday, 5th of May at 19:00 UTC.


Remember to follow us on readcash and the rest of our accounts for any possible updates. Also, try tagging a friend to spread the word for the project. It would mean the world to us! Who knows, something good might happen, rumours say…  

Expect many updates soon. Stay connected.

Please feel free to make any suggestions.

Until the next post…. HODL on Crypto Friends.

CoinSteps created the Happy Crypto Family project to raise crypto awareness by combining unique NFTs with easy to understand information. Make sure you tag a friend and leave your .wam address to be eligible for the drop. 

The giveaway is limited to 1 NFT per WAX account and if you will receive one for being one of the quickest in here, you cannot receive a second one from the readcash giveaway if you already earned one in here! Just as a tip ... right now there are 12 left to claim on readcash


The Girls of Bunnvale University

The Girls of Bunnvale University is the first Reality NFT Series featuring the daily, sexy adventures of five hot college girls at Bunnvale University. The big launch will take place on the 5th of May so stay tunned. Check the Tweet for a chance to get a free promo NFT.

PVM's Devilish Cat

I have to show off and share the Devilish Cat with the world! Hand made in pencil, my pet is not on the blockchain (and he has both eyes in real life). 


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