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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 26 Apr 2021

I have to say I found Islandz through a mate who said I had to interview them and he wasn't wrong you mightn't know them as Islandz but I bet you have come across the name crypto porn or there new name MAX Mint:20 so lets meet them




My name is ''ISLANDZ'' which is my artist name, I spent most of my childhood in East Africa, surrounded by wildlife and marine life. I choose that name because it reminds me of the old times where I used to go snorkeling, water skiing, and just exploring different mini islands.

Where you from ?

I was born in East Africa Mombasa Kenya

What's your twitter account as I will link in the article?



Do you have your own telegram channel is so can you drop your link ?…

Do you have a website ?


So is this your full time job if not what is?

I run a family business by day and also run a recording studio.

What made you get into NFT design in the first place?

I used to draw superheroes when I was young and we used to trade that for other drawings, I used that idea after Coca Cola used to have competitions if you found a certain logo under the lid and you would win a free Coca-Cola bottle or trade 100 caps and you get $10. It becomes very hard to find bottle caps this reminds me of NFTs being super rare in the future, if I had collected bottle caps before Coca-Cola had those events I would probably be the richest kid in school.  

Do you have any crypto currency ? If so what you ?

I honestly have way too many different coins, my trust wallet app has over 40 and my coinbase app has over 30, plus the other wallets that are individual on my phone and web and desktop. I think I even have a few paper wallets.

Have you always been artistic ?

I think we all used to draw d!cks, boobs, and weed leaves as kids. unless I was that strange kids  8===D

How long have you been designing NFT?

I started in March 2021 after I realized 4 hard drives full of old designs and random songs are now worth something.


Why do you design NFT's the way you do?

I love that retro feel, Scarface, Vice City, Mad Max, Water World. Those memories will forever be minted in my heart.

What's your favorite NFT you have designed ? Can I have a pic of it ?

I don't have a favorite yet. I have too many ideas I haven't done yet to0 see the outcome, but from what I have posted publicly, I love this NFT more. I created her using Make Human software which is free (ps. don't play around with the d!ck settings sorry I'm strange) anyway I took her to UNITY3D where I could play around with the shaders. I downloaded a free asset from the store to take a high res screenshot I then took it to photoshop and messed around with it more.

Who is your favorite NFT designer ? Why ?

I saw this account once where a girl was painting using VR. I think she's amazing, I would pay to watch her live with an audience. Sorry I cannot remember her name.

How many collections or cards have you made?

I have made 11 collections on Atomichub but only focusing on one for now '' CyberPorn'' and that's because Aotmichub is not a fan of people with more than one collection, they want you to follow a theme. This is something I had no idea about as I used to be on with lots of different NFT's from music, arts to in-game collectibles.

What your favorite software for designing NFT ?

Krita, Unity3d, and Photoshop sorry I have to pick all 3 as they all make one NFT for me.

Would you like to see yoour nfts on token head app ?

I have just applied today 😀😀😀😀

Would you do Collab ? And who would you like it to be with ?

I would only Collab with someone who takes NFTs seriously.

I can give you a list @SillyPsyBen hint hint !!!!!

What advice do you have for people trying to get into NFT ?

Tag your shit, don't post random art without a watermark NFT is big business if someone can steal your Identity NFTS are just a walk in the park. Don't give up even if you feel like you haven't sold in a week. you probably not running google ads or Facebook ads or not doing enough to get noticed. 

What's your most valuable NFT you have ? Can i have a picture ?

2-hour sex tape you can see it for £50k 🤑🤑🤑

Where can we pay for your sex tape lol ?

when pornhub pays in crypto lol

I think pornhub takes doge coin lol


What hobbies do you to do it your spare time ?

can't do sh!t with the lockdown, I miss the cinema I'm tired of Netflix

What you do for fun ?

Spending time with my kids, and making music

How do you find time with kids to design NFT's ?

when they are at school between 8 - 15:00 pm or late nights

What kind of music you make

I can produce anything, here is a song I produced recently.

Where can we find your cards for sale ?

Just 2 question left for you is there else people can keep up to date with your and finally this is for an article that will be be put on do you use it ?

yes 😀😀😀

What is your name on ?


Right guys you know the score guys show the crypto some love and follow them what ever way you can 

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