My Splinterlands Remarkable Moments - Reaching Gold II With Blood, Sweat and Tears

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 29 Feb 2024

Every climb is difficult, and this is why some will stop half-way or "die" trying. Let me tell you that PVM never gives up, maybe sometimes just doing tasks in sloth mode! This also applied to Splinterlands!

I fought countless battles, lost hundreds of duels, grinded and worked hard but I made it! Every journey and every success is easier with friends, and I am grateful for all the support I've got from the Splinterlands community! Yes battle mage... you as well! 


Why is Splinterlands special? Blockchain technology helps players to own their cards as non-fungible tokens. The battle mages will use their deck to battle others and earn rewards. The game keep raising the standards when it comes to blockchain gaming.

I opened 100 Chaos Legion packs and now I I set new targets for 2024! I now want to open at least 25 Rebellion packs, and reach at least 5 War Wagons during the newly Conflicts phase! Are your ready to join me in this journey?

But the remarkable journey is not about packs or battles... it's about progress and reaching the peak! What made the journey remarkable? Reaching Gold Tier after more than two years and then only few weeks later going up one more level... to Gold II!

The first time I reach Gold III was a wonder, as I never went past Silver I in almost three years of playing. It was more remarkable as I done it in the last hour of the season, after winning three games in a row.

Has hard to match the performance and it looked like a one time wonder. Even so... I managed to earn 16 golden chests the next season, and hoped for some better cards.


There was mostly splintershards, but bigger amounts than the usual Silver chests. Also the number of potions was pumped, getting 11 Legendary potions and 14 Alchemy potions from only three chests. One chest had 960 merits, half of a Gladius Case and the cards I unwrapped where mind-blowing. 7 Imperial Knights and 4 Venari Marksrats.


Months later, as the Rebellion started .... I've done it again! This time I went above and beyond the last achievement and went marginally to Gold II! Late drama as well, with a fine win obtained with less than two hours to go!


The season bounty was bigger, but only because the chests were Silver tier. I opened all 40 and got a whole army of Firecallers and Dumacke Orcs! I unwrapped 12 of those burning archers, and few rare cards as well!

I always prefer summoners as they will improve my gameplay. Heading into the next season with Gold II rewards was insane, and the focus was to obtain as many chests as possible.


So it begins! After reaching Gold II it looked impossible to match the remarkable performance... but I've done it again!

I rushed through the ranks and made it even more remarkable by linking a streak of victories. A 6-wins streak was by far my biggest achievement so far, considering that one month before I was still struggling between Silver Tiers.


The rewards were gold as well.... or at least Franz Ruffmane! Unwrapped a gold foil summoner after such a magnificent season, topped up with a double Will-O-Wisp.

Why did I struggle for nearly three years and then suddenly turned pro? Maybe it was the Rebellion set that changed the whole dynamics or maybe I just got better!


This golden performance had to be accompanied by a victory that will echo through the fabric of time! What's more remarkable than being born again? I had to create a team that will emulate perfectly the Born Again and Target Practice battle-rule1

All melee and ranged units will have Snipe from start, this is why the Slipspawn was chosen! The tank will attract some of the damage, while the Scavo Technomancer will be free from danger, dealing that blast damage to units with one health.

Low Lowland: -1 Speed & +1 Gladiator Cards

Quora Towershead: Melee/Caster with Bloodlust and Heal

Mycelic SlipSpawn: Caster with Taunt

Scavo Technomancer: Caster with Blast


Facing Kelya Frendul is never easy, as that extra armor can be really annoying... but it's no issue for magicians! Djinn Oshannus was there to hustle the spellcasters but is that enough?

Three units with sneak in the enemy lines, but they will be taunted by the Slipspawn! Looks like we will have a proper battle! My gameplay was simple... seek and distroy with Quora! Let the bloodlust enrage her to insane stats!

While everyone was targeting the Mycelic Slipspawn... Quora delivered her first deadly blow. The Hardy Stonefish was obliterated by her spell, only to be born again for a similar fate. The Scavo Technomancer targeted Djinn Oshanns but his blast radiated into the Stonefish and the Venari Wavesmith.


Quora has a clear pattern... heal, cast and slice. Oshannus resisted the first round but not sure about the next one. Meanwhile, the Mycelic Slipspawn was takend down.. twice!

The Scavo Technomancer blasted again, while Quora done her routine. She's back to full health and Oshannus is going low! All eyes on her now, as the Technomancer demise was quick and painful!


It's getting hot with Quora! Her spell got the Djinn down and bloodlust boosted her stats again! Oshannus was born again, and the cumulated effort of his army took Quora down to three health!

What doesn't kill you make you stronger! Healing done then bye bye Oshannus... this time for good! Quora's superior speed made her elusive, as she dodged two attacks from the four attempts.


Who's Next? Venari Wavesmith down, then born again... then down again! Time flies when you having fun!

Quora delivered another series of cataclysmic blows and at the start of the 9th round she was well pumped up! Her health reached insane levels, and both magic and melee damage raised to eight!


Deeplurker down, bloodlust, heal and more stats added! This battle is going to break some records! Quora's speed is so high now that she's nearly unattachable, and her healing factor took her to full health!

She easily disposed of the Pelacor Bandit, avoided the attack and continued with her routine! Have you ever seen Quora on steroids? Twenty-two health and thirteen on both her attacks? See the battle here! 


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