My Splinterlands Remarkable Journey - Ranked Battle Overhaul, Glint And The Bitcoin Halving

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 12 Apr 2024

I am working hard to build a remarkable legacy on Splinterlands, but is so hard when the planets align against me. However... the remarkable ranked battle overhaul gives me more changes to get better rewards!

If you're new to Splinterlands... you're missing the best strategic multiplayer game powered by digital-collectible trading card game! Lots of fancy words so lets make it simple ... you try to create the most optimal 7-card deck to fight against opponents. 

First and foremost of the changes is that limitations around the different leagues for ranked battles are completely removed! This means that the player's league will simply be a cosmetic, visual indicator of the rating range that they are currently in.

The change had three goals:

  1. Simplify the system as much as possible to make it easier for players to navigate

  2. Ensure that it is always in a player's best interest to get more / higher level cards and to achieve higher ratings

  3. Create a proper rating system that accurately reflects a player's likelihood of winning a match and therefore makes matchmaking more fair

The remarkable change is that there will no longer be maximum level limits for cards nor will there be penalties for low level cards, and the matchmaking will no longer be limited by league and will seek to match players with the opponent closest to them in rating

This new and remarkable system will allow players to benefit from higher level cards at all levels of play, which means it will always be in players' best interest to acquire more cards


I set four remarkable goals for 2024... and I already achieved two of them! I wanted to reach Gold I and surprisingly I went all the way to Diamond II!

The second target was to get at least 10 War Wagons, an achievement that will lead into my third goal... to get at least one card airdropped through Conflicts!

I reached Gold III few times, and touched Gold II once... therefore the Gold I target was sensible! But this time I've completed the task with remarkable resilience! I did achieved the goal and went above and beyond, as my opponents have fallen to my superior skills and power!

I unlocked the Diamond Wild League! I was supposed to get 1.6% Legendary chance and 4% Gold Foil chance in the Diamond Reward Chests! I didn't had the pleasure to open Diamond chests, as the system introduced Glint!

What's Glint? The new currency for ranked play, which can be used in the shop to buy all kind of stuff. You earn Glint daily depending on the wins, and then a big bunch at the end of the season... based on the overall performance


I want to earn at least one airdrop card through Conflicts! The plan was to buy at least 10 War Wagons during the newly Conflicts phase, and fill them with my best cards. 

I got nothing from the first one, with 14 chances! Nothing from the second one, with 15 chances! Therefore I stepped up my game and made it remarkable!

Target Achieved! I splashed the cash and got a big bag of VOUCHERS, plus a decent amount of $DEC, and got 10 packs and fresh war wagons. Raised the total wagons to 13 and also staked 4 Rebellion packs for Conflicts.


The farming is going much better now with the enhanced hourly rate, and already accumulated 19 chances for Venka The Vile! There are 11 days left from this conflict, and things are looking remarkably better with the enhanced 6550 hourly rate!

There are about 275 hours left from "Vile and Violence", and 1,800,000 points left to be earned. This will add 18 more chances for this conflict, bouncing to 37 chances in total. Will this boost be enough for an airdrop?


My forth and most remarkable challenge is to open at least 25 Rebellion packs in 2024! Working hard towards this one, and slowly moving towards the goal!

What about the new system? I spend 1000 Glint for a Veteran Draw, which has the most balanced price - reward ratio, and got the potions ready. You can now buy them with Glint, same for Merits, energy and titles.

Clicked on the card and it started to shake! Legendary! Ava the Undaunted landed in my deck, the archer that faced the Chaos Legion with swiftness. The story says that she earned the moniker “the Undaunted” for her courage, determination, and calm in battle.

She is an expert sniper and modified her crossbow to fire two bolts without having to reload, placing a bolt through her enemy's eye at two hundred paces. Ava joined the Riftwatchers and fought to tell the story!


I am looking forward to use Ava in battle, but until then I prepared another fight that is worth it's place in the Hall of Fame! How would you approach a battle with Born Again but no healing, and only 20-mana for team selection?

I went for a weird combination, focusing on magic and ... Last Stand! The Venari was just the decoy, and the best way to delay the fight!

Tarsa: +1 Melee & +1 Health

Venari Marksrat: Decoy Tank with Martyr

Djinn Inferni: Caster with Giant-Killer

Scorched Fiend: Melee Decoy

Efreet Elder: Caster with Last Stand


I was facing a fire team, with the amazing Halfling Alchemist. This card was only available for the 2020 Bitcoin Halving, and is the first time I see it in battle. Two new cards were added to celebrate the 2024 Halving... but this is a story for another day.

I wasn't affected by the summoner's melee damage reduction but I was going to be annoyed by the Halfling Alchemist. He will cut in half the attack of the units he hits, and this will be painful to watch.

The Venari Marksrat died for the first time, boosting Djinn Inferni with his Martyr, then again by the hands of the Halfling Alchemist. Told you this guy will be annoying! On the flip side... Djinn Inferni was pumped up and ready to create havoc!


Naga Fire Wizard down twice, once by Djinn Inferni and then by the Efreet Elder. It was going well... until the Halfling Alchemist hit!

Djinn Inferni got his attack cut in half, then rounded-up. It went from five magic power to only two! What a game-changing ability. This makes me want even more the 2024 Bitcoin Halving promo cards.


Carnage and drama for the next rounds! Fineas Rage fought bravely against the my djinn, and was good to learn that the halving resets after the resurrection. It didn't matter, because the Halfling Alchemist took care of the reanimated unit.

The Scorched Fiend done his job, delaying the game and absorbing two hits. All this was part of the plan... which took us to this singular moment in time... the LAST STAND!

I marched towards victory from here! Fineas Rage down, unlucky Halfling with his missed attack, then reanimated Fineas down again. Halfling down twice and game over! See the full remarkable battle here!


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