My OpenFabric Achievements And Perpetual $OFN Staking

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 24 Mar 2024

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence has promised to reshape our society in many unique ways through a new technological revolution, and the impetus created by innovations like self-driving cars, real-time voice assistants, and other similar products has formulated a new axiom: everything around us has to be smart. - OpenFabric Whitepaper

OpenFabric successfully launched the $OFN token, and continues the AI revolution! Four IDOs took place on ChainGPT, Enjinstarter, Seedity and PoolzFinance, with listings on Kucoin and PancakeSwap. I used the DEX to get some, and staked them for one year! This is the way! 


Searched and found one freshly open pool and staked my tokens for 8.44% APY. It's not ground-breaking, but is neither negligible! I see the OpenFabric ecosystem perpetually improving and earing $OFN throughout the year was the best option. My new locked value reached $115 USD, and those tokens started to earn rewards immediately after staking. The plan is to let the $OFN farm passively and check on the rewards at the start of 2025. Hopefully by then the token will go ballistic and record that long expected 10x growth.

One year wait is not bad, it takes the stress out of holding crypto and reduces the times you check the token's value. I wrote it down on my crypto book and will check it again in due date. LFGrow!

I constantly participated in events and competitions, winning $OFN in some of them. I had 126 OFN to claim from an airdrop and for being on top of the 2023 leaderboard. 


Got them ready for staking and added them in the same pool, at 8.33% APR. This pool is far from being at full capacity, which is good as I can constantly add more $OFN in there. My new stake after the deposit will be 723 tokens, and the lock date will be 1st of February 2025.

One year goes fast in the Cryptoverse and HODLers always win on the long term. OpenFabric vision will link with the growth of the Metaverse, and the AI solutions will ensure constant growth. I am going long-term... as always.


New events bring new earning opportunities! I took part in the OpenFabric Stake2Earn competition, which included few Glem tasks and a referral leaderboard. 

I done my part, invited some friends and got $OFN from one of the three draws that the even had. I had 37.63 $OFN vested and ready to claim, earned by doing few clicks and shares. Can you guess where are they going? 


If you said "locked for one year" then you are the winner of this competition! Added this little bounty on top of the existing one, to reach 763 $OFN tokens in that pool. 

The OpenFabric AI planetary-scale network for building and connecting decentralized AI applications will harness the power of blockchain, advanced cryptography, and novel infrastructure to create a cutting-edge ecosystem. My locked tokens will increase my portfolio, and by 2025 I will be one of those "lucky OGs" that believed in the project since day one! 


The native currency of OpenfabricAI will plays a pivotal role in merging the worlds of blockchain and AI. The $OFN token will have several use cases, from staking to facilitating transactions. $OFN is more than just a digital coin... it's the key to unlocking a wealth of opportunities in the combined AI and blockchain domain. 

The multiple utility gives value, and this is reflected in the token price. OFN reached perpetual All-Time Highs last month, making my staked stash grow in USD value. The $OFN stash went 4x since I started gathering more tokens, and the rewards are starting to pile up. Let's go fabricators! 


Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / 

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

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