Minecraft NFT to storm the world in 2020

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 14 Sep 2020

Minecraft, the Mojang Studios amazing creation and currently Microsoft brand, is looking to expand into a new market. The sandbox game was officially released in 2011, and took the world by storm, becoming the best-selling video game of all time. The word-wide phenomenon won every possible award on his category, being considered one of the greatest and most influential game in the history. 660fd5bdaeae8b3da0824d463cb2a06eb4212445eebda795d7bf720e85d95220.jpeg

And now, in 2020, we will witness an amazing spin-off, as Minecraft is ready to become a player into the non-fungible token market. The project is backed by Coincheck, which will feature the Minecraft NFT's and by an EnjinCraft block-chain plug in. This move comes as a smart marketing development, considering that in the US, gamers spent over $10 billion in April 2020, and the market keeps growing constantly.08feb4879de02e94b9f8aaea887d021b69de6a43ff96b6201365bcf937824bf4.jpeg

It is forecasted that in the future, NFTs and gaming platforms will complement each-other, and many video games will move or will be built on block-chain. This NFT hype is quite new for me and I was planning to get my first one but the CoinGecko AxieInfinity Epic NFT was fully redeemed before I collected 1000 candies.208df7e1821e63779cda240ce539d2cafbaa32b4f781ae461f4d65c82d6aa244.jpeg

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