Innovation or just another common exchange? Exploring the Verse DEX

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 5 Feb 2023

Maybe I am still a believer, because I invested in $VERSE! Was no rational process, or an extensive DYOR, just a bit of FOMO about this new token. The $VERSE token powers the VERSE DEX and was created by the people that made the Bitcoin.Com wallet, the people that want to create more economic freedom in the world.

Verse rewards users in the ecosystem while also providing a range of additional utilities. Anyone will be able to earn Verse tokens simply by using’s products and services, and I am using it ... so maybe this created the FOMO effect.

The $VERSE holders will be able to unlock extra rewards and discounts along multiple tiers. There's a multitude of benefits including providing liquidity on the Verse DEX, yield farming, lower trading fees, staking, payments perks and a new referral program. 

Because VERSE is an ERC-20 token, you’ll be able to use it as collateral in lending pools or lend VERSE to earn rewards. Users can earn VERSE by depositing cryptocurrencies or tokens traded on the Verse DEX. The LP yield farm their Verse DEX liquidity pool deposit tokens to receive additional rewards in the form of the VERSE token.

You can also earn VERSE as cashback when buying, selling, and swapping cryptocurrencies in the App. The Card will be packed with reward and perks, and spending crypto will generate VERSE cashbacks.  Additionally, holding more VERSE will make the users become eligible for more perks. More holder's benefits as users will be able to earn more tokens when buying gift cards on and pay for and Verse merchandise using VERSE.


Verse launched, some bought it at the presale... then it followed the market trends and it dived in value. It went 75% down from the initial price, down to 0.0022 per token. It looked like a good moment to enter the VERSE game, as I thought it can't go lower than this. 


The low value made it attractive, and I swapped $80 worth of Bitcoin Cash for a big bag of VERSE. It took a while to receive the tokens, as the money had to move from BCH to Ethereum. After the confirmations ended, I received 34,820 VERSE tokens. Fees and stuff burned $4.25, and the amount I received was worth it $75.75.


The network fee was zero so no idea were the amount got lost. However, all that matter now is that I received the VERSE tokens and I can watch them grow. Time to HODL ... Time to let it reach new ATH! 


And again I was wrong ... as the dip of the dip got another dip! My Verse holding went from down from the initial investment of $80 to $59.41, a 25% decline in just a week! They say it must get worst to get better ... but everything goes lower and lower. 


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