Infinity Skies Halloween Story - The Dark Side of the Sky

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 30 Oct 2021

What is Infinity Skies?

Infinity Skies is an upcoming Play2Earn blockchain game powered by NFTs, developed by DreamFuel Games. Players will enter a fantasy sandbox metaverse where they will be able to build, trade, adventure and socialize.  The free-to-play format will give an island in the sky and a basic house to each adventurer.


Infinity Skies is state-of-the-art blockchain gaming and the whole ecosystem will be powered by Skyblocks, the BEP-20 token using the $ISKY ticker. The $ISKY can be earned by selling in-game NFTs such as sky-plots, islands, structures, decorations, paint-jobs and cosmetics. The NFTs come in eight rarities: Astral, Royal, Divine, Legendary, Rare, Epic, Uncommon and Common.


Infinity Skies Halloween Story - The Dark Side of the Sky

It was only few minutes after midnight when the floating island started vibrating. The wizard advisor warned the royal family that strange things may happen on the eve of All-Saints Day.  The whole castle was warded with spells and Jack-o-Lanterns were placed to guide wandering souls to the Underworld. 

The sinister crackling sound echoed through the hallways... and the king was now wide awake. He walked to the balcony and watched the streets, trying to understand from where the buzzing noise was coming. His eyes slowly adapted to the darkness and could see a strange glow around Thungar’s Portal. 

He rushed in the courtyard to check it closely and as he approached he realized he forgot to put his mask. It is known that on All-Saints Eve some spirits will wonder the world to seek vengeance. He smiled thinking about how silly will be to blindly listen to every folklore story.

A shiver run up his spine when he was only few steps away from Thungar’s Portal, when he realized that the ripple in the fabric of existence was the source of sinister crackling. The vibration was coming from the vortex of blue and white light, but this time something was different ... small filaments of foul-smelling green wildfire were spreading inside the portal. He wanted to run, he wanted to say a prayer but was too late ... as the green wildfire become a tentacle and pulls the king inside! 


The king felt like the fabrics of space and time was shifting around him, and thousands of hungry eyes were watching. He managed to lift his head from the ground and slowly stood up while whispering a prayer towards Mara. He asked for protection but he couldn't feel the energy of the Order, or Mara's whispers. 

He explored the surroundings and noticed that everything was familiar but different. He was still in the courtyard, close to Thungar’s Portal, but in a dark world. Fear started to engulf his mind as the light of the portal has gone unexpectedly dim.

He touched his belt but Maelsar’s Skyblade was not by his side. He invoked the blessing of Senon but The Guardian has no power on dark side of the sky. The king was helpless and the fear paralyzed him. His eyes were fixating at the approaching shadow, and the earth was shaking with every step that the huge figure was taking. Whispers of chaos where flooding the king's mind when he realized who was the infernal presence. Guinoth, the Traitor, was now towering the king, watching him like a lion will watch an injured gazelle. 

The king kneeled and asked for mercy. Instead of crushing him like a bug, the giant opened his mouth and spoke in a voice that made the portal shatter. 

- You have been chosen! Rise ... my Chaosbringer!


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